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Hello everyone this. Is jake dobermans. Your faithful host of la bible but funnier. I just wanted to say that this show always taking an extended hiatus sorts. I don't want this to be good goodbye but we're not really sure when we're going to pick back up again. I'm a creative with with multiple interest in. I've decided that. I need to focus more on some other projects so unfortunately that means putting the bible funnier on the back burner for some time. Trust me that makes me really sad because the bible funnier was my first podcasts. My first adventure with the often media. But like i said i'm not necessarily ending. This is going to take a break with no definite in points and we come back later. We'll see what god has in store. If you want to keep up with all the things we do at theophanous media be sure to follow us at the media on instagram facebook and twitter and please join our email list in go to the media dot com slash email to get on the list and see all the updates riding your in box. I am personally found on facebook. Instagram twitter at jake. Herons and dobermans is spelled d. o. b. e. r. e. n. z. I hope we can keep in touch. And i hope one day. We'll be back with something new and so then super cool and maybe all over funny..

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