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It's been a one year anniversary of that on like October tale, like forty five fucking years also by the way and like nine. We obviously there's been. Yeah, we were politely ignoring that you say, no, I was leaving the room. No, we'll be able to ignore it when I e. Got that's crazy. Or the thing about me to the impression everybody has is that like so many people have been outed by meet you now? It's like, no. We just had like about thirty stories or something. Weirdly it still to me just feels like deeply the tip of the iceberg and half of them got their jobs back, right. Yeah, we forgot about most of them, right, right. Because this week we also have bride Sagar knowing social media saying that Esquire is about to publish a false story about him as a takedown before his new movie. But he Mian rhapsody comes out so. Is your movie when you get fired athletes? Got fired. Yeah, it's not your movie. Yeah. Also, that's like another person who like we thought he was taken down right now here he is like slithering back up like either news ready to take on a new movie also. That's so I mean, like I know Esquire has legitimate journalism in it and stuff, but they're gonna publish that expose and they're going to publish ten more photos of Ryan Gosling in a wet white shirts. You know, just a very, it's a packed issue that is important. Dribble a, no, I man all wet. I don't know. I can't write copy. I. I, I. What are we doing. Derail conversation. Woodward back Phoebe. Robinson joins us..

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