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Is Alex Bolton senior staff writer at the hill Alex set this up trump earlier this week in Dorsey trillion dollar infrastructure package your member during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign he blocked his opponent Hillary Clinton for only proposing something like two hundred seventy five billion dollars for sure sure trump won something big bold robust that failed to materialize that during its first three years in office now he sees an opportunity on on Twitter earlier this week you need to call in dollars but that is facing opposition from his allies in Congress Senate Republicans Mitch McConnell the Senate Majority Leader he's putting the brakes on a what is emerging from the house the St rock we don't wait for me to figure out what we need to do it would first need to address the direct economic fallout from the chroniclers crisis before going on to sort of more tangentially related policy priorities which is what infrastructure is yeah you said the the surprise eras tangentially related I guess Augustus of an infrastructure bill would had some benefit or provide some help to the economy during the pandemic well I mean we just are I mean just this week or more than they are more than six million unemployment claims this is a an all time record on top of that more than three million last week so in the in two weeks which the ten million claims for unemployment benefits that is the sky high record shattering all previous records so I think the thought or discussion right now this marks the Republican lawmakers is that the need is going to be more media more acute than anything that two trillion dollars in infrastructure can address I'm sure if you search is nice but we are in a crisis right now people need money to pay the bills pay the rent for groceries interceptor project that said take an instructor back you can take a year to two years perhaps longer to get the money on the economy that takes way too long and you know they remember the lessons from the two thousand nine American recovery and reinvestment act passed on the president Obama during the last financial crisis that took a long time for those benefits to matriculated in a bombing that a lot of heat for the economy taking so long to respond speak with Alex Bolton senior staff writer at the hill these pieces called trump's ambitious infrastructure vision faces Senate GOP GOP roadblock so at this point even though infrastructure you might be beneficial to members of Congress coming up for election in November phase four of a relief for stimulus bill a might be more likely at this point well if the question is what's going to be in the face for stimulus bill Nancy Pelosi the speaker and co chairman of L. conference calls this week saying they want infrastructure would be a major major component of that space for bill now what Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says that look this hello she subscribing to the famous adages over Obama Kerr chief of staff Rahm Emanuel he'll never never let a crisis go to waste in other words you can use the crisis to keep the policy goal but you haven't been able to previously the instructor kind of falls into that category now we close the bills the president so he the crisis opportunity get a breakthrough on something that they wanted I mean he's a professor talks going on well before the crown of Irish crisis and so I just think right now we're gonna include top sellers Republicans to get that wrong with it because while it there are potentially long term economic to be sure to package it really doesn't address the immediate economic fallout of this coronavirus gracious which as I mentioned it has created a ten million unemployment claims in two weeks what is our treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin say about all this he seems to be the go between between say the White House and Congress these days well I mean he said in a recent television interview that he's at the grocery store Richard Neal with democratic chairman of the house ways and means committee and eagle he's planning to move forward so he would like to get this done and he doesn't need to have a bit of problem debt Republicans in Congress do what I eat all you know that during the negotiations on the package the dollar perhaps two point two trillion dollar package will see what the dust settles when those negotiations were going on if some Republicans were kind of bright pink we wonder what she'd do to this point port here thanks Alex Alex Bolton senior staff writer at the hill twenty minutes now.

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