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Her bad story about people doing things to her. She didn't want him to her. And she's like, you know, he's like being calm printing. And everything like that. But I have never put my hand on any woman's five that I wasn't hoping to have sex with either having sex with already are hoping that sex with ever in my life. Not one correct. Not wanted. But I'm not that doesn't mean that was his intent. Now, the second woman Fifty-nine-year-old DJ hill is alleged bodies and DJ alleging Biden moved his hands from her shoulder to her back while she and her husband posed for a photograph in twenty two just idiotic shouldn't even make the news that you Marshall. You're slandering makes good man who doesn't have a chance I should not even be reported. We're all doomed. We're all doomed. If it's a call you into the office story if any group picture you move your hand from the shoulder to their to their waste in a group photo. Her back. We're all doomed. We'll never survive. Would you like to continue your fake news? Marshon Loretta unless you're going to decide we all have to stay in shoulder to shoulder. Nobody can put their arms around each other. And course, your shoulder to shoulder robbing, you know, upper arms, we probably stayed about six inches of shoulders back and forth. I knew what he was saying. A rub dummy. Yeah. So come on. We can't lump everything together. Here are we're all doomed. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi listening to all this has some advice for Biden, join the straight arm club member straight aren't club. I'm mean, I'm not straight armor. This just pretend you have a cold, and I have a call. That was a good visual. Somebody comes into hugger. She sticks out her hand. Right. Adam to shake hands. That's one of the more enduring things I've ever heard that Placetas Aldwych say, yeah. Jeremy lot of women putting my wife techniques like that for some people, you know, her huggers to try to avoid that sort.

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