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Based on what he's a somewhat. He's graded baseball. But so you don't think there's there is such a thing as the guys who in the crucible of the moment get worse in snagged and small samples. There are in randomness like baseball and basketball. There's very little. It's why what. Ben simmons did yesterday and in that series. It's so confusing. What reference points do you have for someone. Just totally collapsing everything. They've ever been where you're looking at something and you can see that someone is scared. Yeah there's usually in all the great players. It doesn't happen to ben and ben eight himself alive there. I just the. I guess the the kid looking at his feet thing. I understand the at the point. But i think in sports we have enough examples of guys. Who certain guys who get better in the biggest spot certain desert stay the same inserting guys who get five to ten percent worse. Which is all that separates the great from the all time greats that when we get a piece of kong not speculation concrete evidence that oh what lebron did in twenty eighteen with those calves post kyri. Katie could have done something similar. That's valuable for katie. And you knew it. Evidently before i did you were certain of it. I wasn't like i did want see because you're he was drafted into the team and they got rust. He then shows the team with steph and clay he then shows the team with kyrie and then they winning harden so. It's not even like the we had snapshots we didn't even have moments of it now. We have a series of it against a great team dan. He was celebrated in a way after game. Five and game seven in a way he's never been celebrated before universally kevin durant was like more celebrated than him winning finals. Mvp and winning a championship. Oh boy believe. That's an indictment of the people viewing not of him. i think his talent is so singular. Nick that i'm a bit shocked to hear. You say that kevin durant as the lead player on a team can't make just about anyone feel championship. Good the way that lebron did you know when when we knew he was gonna lose in the finals but he what did he end up doing ended up shooting that one year. I don't know what year it was where he ended up shooting thirty five percent but he was taking forty shots playing irresponsible basketball for him. He plays smart basketball. He was playing reckless inefficient basketball. But we all felt like he could do that. I didn't need to see it did you. Well yeah we'll with lebron no because we had seen it no senate because we had seen it from lebron for seven years in cleveland. I like you can say. Because he's an all time great he could do it. Kobe couldn't do this. Cohen couldn't kobe tried. He could like koby. Couldn't do it as great as he was the three years of kobe's career he didn't have a hall of famer alongside him. He missed the playoffs. Once out of the from the two other years scored a bunch of points couldn't couldn't carry. I felt like durant showed you it bouncier bounce. There could have carried them through the championship. Your art just to be clear. Nick your argument is if i haven't seen it. It can't be so no my argument. Is that if you haven't seen it. You don't know it is so in sports you aren't you're just you're definitively saying you knew it but the reason is no the what i know is his greatness naked. I know is that you're telling me that kevin durant because for ten years. He has never done. Never been on a team where he's the only guy because he has never been on a team where he's the only time guy that he can't be an all time great. Who carries a team. He didn't do it with bus broke. I mean what they were grades to. God you know they were great. What do you mean. He didn't do it. He got further than this and last night we broke. He got further than here with westbrook. The last time we saw him in a similar situation he was up. Three one against golden state. They lost the next three and then he left him went to golden state. So he didn't do it. I mean he got to the finals but he didn't do it. He got further than here. What do you mean didn't do what pin eliminated in the second round. I mean what you saw in game five is something i've never seen from kevin durant before i mean we're all sitting here trying got you've seen it seen him carry around. Jeff greene the reason. You've never seen it as because he's never been on a team where there isn't a second gosh right but we saw for a night and he looked incredible. Like the best kevin durant i've ever seen. He's looked i mean. I don't know what to tell you guys like he's looking pretty great the entirety of his career under all circumstances. There's also a season where he didn't have a second guy was twenty thirteen. fourteen russell. Westbrook got hurt ahead of the season and he had a won the mvp that year. It had multiple games raise in the forties. He carried oklahoma city deep into the playoffs that year which considering he was without russell westbrook for most of it was really damn impressive. The hold on to be fair. Chris that russ did not miss. That spoil. Season russ was there for the playoffs. Durant in oklahoma city played one full series without russell westbrook. It was against memphis after. Patrick beverley blew out. Messed up. Russell's knee in the first round against houston so. I'm not sure what year you're talking about. In in comparison but rut katie only play one playoff series ever without russ in st was the second round against memphis and he played one in golden state without steph. It was against the spurs but he also obviously had claimed. I it is it is very. It is surprising to me. Dan that like you having watched sports as long as you add are totally discounting the to me. You're discounting the mental aspect of expectations. Pressure and circumstances like i think there is no arguments to be made in the world that by an identity. Peyton manning is a far better quarterback than tom brady except for the fact that one day clearly up to his game repeatedly in the big spots and the other guy had some of his worst moments in biggest spots. That's not small sample size luck. That is some people rise the agent some people don't and or durant when there was the built in the building confidence of knowing. If i don't have it tonight my other guys can carry me. That changes the circumstances to allow you to achieve at least me and not even dimension just the pure cana- guy whose body is built like that play forty eight minutes that you can't say you. There's no way he knew he could play forty eight and he did it often. Achilles drew marketable outside of barry bonds and perhaps peyton manning. I think you're going to have a hard time finding anyone who has historic kinds of excellence that you would make heart. Make these claims about chris. Paul harder james disagree on chris. Paul chris paul has been great but what about hardened dan tell me. Harden has not been good in the playoffs so far and i believe that if i gave him a representative sample over the course of his prime that would correct itself. I it has put like one hundred and forty playoff games. It's it's like more than it's almost two seasons in the play offs. I don't i don't know. I mean i i okay we just. We fundamentally disagree on that. I we can agree on..

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