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The caravan in mexico could you talk about the conditions that people seeking asylum are fleeing i think one of the most important things to understand in why people traveled in a caravan together is not just the that there are people who've been displaced by tremendous trauma in violence in the countries that they're coming from but also traveling through mexico is an incredibly dangerous thing that's become more and more dangerous because of the the forms of criminalization that are getting replicated from the us model in mexico and so the the amount of violence of kidnapping of assaults by a by mexican officials within mexico against migrants who are at route is one of the one of the main reasons why they've decided to band together for their own security coming from honduras especially i think it's important to understand that there's a regional crisis that's going on in central america where larger and larger numbers of people are being expelled through violence and discrimination in honduras especially through political violence after the continuation power of one orlando hernandez who most people in honduras understand staying in power through an electoral fraud nicole ramos what happens next on the border.

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