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10 and we are dnd Did Minsky and Doyle I'm Jeff Tyminski and I'm Bill Doyle. Well as promised And I think we've got the perfect music for him. We've got Republican candidate for governor. Jack Chitter. Ellie is joining us for for the whole next hour. Mr. Tudor. Ellie, How are you? I'm great, Jeff. Especially on I do recognize that song. Very well. We've had a lot of fun with that. But listen, it's great to be with you guys. Thank you for the opportunity. Um, now would did you pick the song before you picked Diane Allen, and she was just the only Diane that made sense. Or how did Jeff I understand You can't help yourself and asking that question, But no. Diane came first. The song came second, and I couldn't be happier that Diane accepted. I mean, she is, as I've often said, if there was a Mount Rushmore New Jersey legislators, she be on it and she's been great. And the news have heard being the lieutenant governor has been well received up and down the state. There you go. All right, We're gonna be talking about a lot of things this hour. Obviously, we're going to try to keep it pretty casual. But if anybody wants to jump in here with us, this is not quite like the town hall. It's not that rigid. Or and it's certainly not gonna be like the the debates, but our phone number is 1 802 831. Oh, 1.5. If you have a question for Republican candidate Jack Viterelli, who, of course. Thinks he can do better than Phil Murphy. And I want to ask you about something. Well, first of all. Before the question. We were going to do all this a week ago Thursday, and obviously, the more we learned as Thursday, dragged on a week ago, the train, the more tragic everything got, and it just it would not have seemed right and Hardly slept. You got very little sleep, and we were the lucky ones. But, yeah, you were stuck in this mess on 78, Like so many other thousands.

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