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How do these two go together. Help me understand how they connect. I have so many questions but scammer of the week guys. Let's just our questions are going gonna get answered. We're lay awake at night. Thinking about simon and why he was working at a helicopter company and also he's not real so scare the week former scammer of the week. Guys you guys know. This is where we highlight honorary charlatan worthy of our price or not. And we don't know yet. Okay so let's see. And i had to say that because i started reading in other words in ra and woy former in our president. David keene was scanned into delivering a graduation speech to a stadium of empty chairs. Ooh i like it. Ooh keen was led to believe that he was addressing the graduating class of james madison academy a school that does not actually exist. In a video recording of the speech keep begins my urging students to uphold the second amendment before he is interrupted by audio of terrifying voices of suits trapped in a school during a shooting. Damn so this was like this was like a political action. Done and this isn't edited video. None of the speech. So we're going to see a little bit of this video. okay. Wow wow. That's very deep. This is a scam. That i highly approve of. It is emotional for sure This man is trying to defend the second amendment rights in front of a bunch of empty chairs which represent empty chairs for students who were killed by gun violence and they're playing nine one one real nine one one phone calls of people who are involved in school shootings calling for help while this old dinosaur stands up here trying to get you to buy more guns. Because he likes money. The speech was not actually a rehearsal. Keen was also led to believe and the three thousand and forty four empty chairs. He was addressing represented the children and teenagers that were shot and killed before they graduate high schools. Ooh the event was orchestrated by gun. Safety organization changed the ref founded by the parents of a teenager who was murdered in parkland florida shooting while change the rough spokesperson said in a press release ironically had been conducted a proper background check on the school. They would have seen that. This is fake. And i love that. Ironically because we know that the nra as opposed to background checks and things like that for people who want to own guns. And you know look at them. They don't even do their own. Fucking background checks. They were like the school is fake with the money's real. Oh yeah i i. This is yeah. This is a very somber scam But i fucking appreciate it. I think it's a you know is. Sometimes it's necessary to like put in these motherfuckers face like what they're doing and i fucking support it. I'd love to know. And i'm sure this piece of shit doesn't care so that's really what postel right i mean. That's the end of the day. It's a beautiful demonstration but you can't reach people like this no not at all at all they don't care like there's some people who just don't care about humanity they're like i get one life. I'm predator. I'm here to give minds. I don't care who i her. I just want to get my things exactly. Yeah and that's a fact like just because you care or you are impacted or or you resonate with something emotionally or whatever. It doesn't mean that other people are gonna be on that same wavelength and yeah and i think that speaks so a lot of like what why are politics tend to go round and round in circles because you have one group of people trying to get another group of people to get it and it's like it's not that they don't get it they don't give a fuck right and that's why we have the same talking points about black lives matter or about you know. Queer people trans people having rights is because they know was right. They just don't wanna do shit. They don't care we cannot convince people to care. That's i'll be thinking like damn we need to get back to like them. Marie-antoinette days if you weren't government you need to just be a little concerned that maybe somebody shopping head off. If you started to fluctuate somebody my storm. The busty need like a guillotine right outside of congress. I'm saying that we need to her government officials..

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