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Restaurants in the Seattle times about are. They getting have has the noise level peaked in Seattle. And I can tell you over the years of my experience of this. Of course, I've had the dollar for thirty years now, and the Dahlia has been pretty consistent over the years as far as noise level goes in the times even mentioned as being one of Seattle's quiet test restaurants. But in my years of dining out and about all over the world. It's mostly New York that drove the noisy restaurant or LA. I would say and it became so popular, and it still is somewhat regular what do you think about quiet dining vertu, noisy dining compared to so noisy. You can't hear yourself. Think. You're I have definitely had dining experiences where I'm leaving. And I'm a little bit horse because I've had to kind of shout all night to my dinner companions and that can be a bit much. I mean, there's there's a fine line between the hustle and bustle and kind of the excitement of going out, which I think is what you're referring to. You'd think of like LA and New York restaurants is that seen that that sometimes people are going out to dinner for. But like this article by Joe Lightner says in the Seattle times more often, I'm getting questions about where can I go to have a good conversation and dinner and not shout. And, you know, people have hearing problems, frankly, where it's difficult to listen to one particular voice in a sea of many voices in dishes and echo echo effect in the round. I don't want to take this wrong. Wet what's? But do you think part of this is just that you're getting older? I definitely think I'm getting older. I mean, there's no doubt about that. I can't fight the progress of time when we started working together. I was just so young young pup in my early twenties. But Sarah, Sarah's are even from you a different generation different Jenner and saying the current young pup in and what do you think about I? I definitely think that there have been occasions where I walk into a restaurant with friends, and it is pretty loud, and it is noticeable like sometimes if you have to like yell or lean and really close to a friend to be able to hear them at a restaurant. It seems like it's pretty loud in their deputy left to a bar scene. Do you think or is it? Okay. That restaurants that are kind of bar heavy or bar Centric, even though they serve food can be loud. Or do you have do you have a thought on? Yeah. It doesn't bother me. Too much. I've found that most of the non bar Centric restaurants. I find still aren't quite as loud to me like they're still at an all right level. It's when you get to those more bar central wants at their louder, and it is kind of expected to me. So maybe I'm just of the generation where I'm like, oh, you know. Well, let's just what a restaurant, I guess, but I would say like even with the restaurants. They mentioned dally allowed now can list, I think of cafe Juanita be in the same way too. I think part of what lens they're kind of feeling like it's a fancy special night out is it's a little bit. Quieter? You know, I think that there's a whole ambience thing going on in this article dozen nice job of pointing out why some restaurants are bit quieter, and it has to do with the court has to do with the carpeting and has to do with the linens on the table. All those things really contribute to a different dining experience altogether. Quite literally it has to do with the architecture of. Yeah. Right. So if you look Dalia, I mean, we are in here. We're above Lola, right? Very popular restaurant. He can get so noisy down there. And it's but it's still an old building dollars an old building right across the street. And if you look at the difference in the noise level, it is twice as loud three times. As riot Lola, and we are just surrounded by these heart skips, right? These windows and hardwood floor and launch. Very narrow. So Dahlie on the other hand has these Bank cats, and it's got a wood ceilings with soak up a lot of noise. It's got carpet on the floor. It has. Upholster chairs, you know, things like that people don't realize how much of that soaks up. But all these new buildings were. These restaurants are going in is really kind of where some of the issues are because restaurant tours are not taking into account. They'll say, well, if it's an issue, I'll take care of it after we open, then all of a sudden, you got these piecemeal solutions put together panels hanging from the ceiling. Just weird weird efforts to calm down the noise. That's right. But there was a time. And I would say it's over the last ten or fifteen years, and I feel like restaurant tours felt you couldn't make a restaurant too loud. Yeah. And I do think that there's some age issue there as people age out of that noise level they want a little quieter. Maybe they don't like you said, maybe they don't hear as well. But I just think it's a it's somewhat of an age gap issue. All right. Let's talk about what we teased in the last segment a little bit, which is textures crispy gun soggy. I really loved this article. Did you did you enjoy this town bona petite is that what John apetite, and she describes the fact that her favorite food texture is things that have been Crispin up kind of like a crispy chicken parm, which is then lathered into Mehta sauce and cheese. So it goes soggy. Right. I don't know, you don't know. Parme? Yeah. Like that thing. But is that something I crave that she she literally craze it now when I haven't the times that I think is just a little bit weird is like say, would you ten poorer prawns in a bowl of ood on that you see all Japanese restaurants bra right over top, the fried, shrimp, Sasaki little mess, and no it's not my favorite. I like the chicken parm thicker viscosity of the tomato sauce rather than the say, you love chicken fried snake certain things that kind of maintain it's crispy texture. But I did think about you because another one they pointed out, which I know you hate is Putin, and gene has that other quality of something very crispy that is much beloved because it's been doused in kind of a wetter style gravy, generally speaking, and it goes a little sock down. I'm not sure I disliked Putin for that so much. I just find it. Gross. Oh, okay. Chris. It's just a it's like putting your face big pile of fat. Right. All right. And I don't know about that. I love gravy. And I love it on dressing. And I'd like to do I want it on my I I know much in the minority on this. Okay. I like nachos. And do you like Chile kilos? That's another thing. That's a little different right? Ask more of a baked situation where got the salsa and the sauce over top. I I will say though, I was thinking about this actually before I read this article. I was having a conversation about our favorite dishes in town and one of mine is from sushi combo, and it is the deep fried Japanese a plant, and they do in nice cross hatch on and then they pour that really hot dashi over in. And that to me is such a beautiful texture. It's not quite like a deep fried battered temperate, right? It's more that the frying kind of mixed this eggplant extra extra silky. It's super lashes in that have greasy fried eggplant that. Yeah. Exotic plants like a sponge. If I want to go up to poppy up on Capitol Hill and get those get those eggplant fries at they make with a little bit of Honey drizzle Jerusalem, then they put a little flake sea salt on top of really good. That's probably my favorite fried eggplant dish like you go to some of these places like panda express. Or some of the local chains. I can't remember their names right off the top. They do that where they deep fry. The eggplant sticky sauce. Oh my God. That is so gross. I agree. But I do when I get started eating them. It's hard to stop. Yeah..

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