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US 41 to Waveland Avenue until next Monday. I'm Amanda, Sir Nucky from the I don't Traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death knew numbers from the Cook County Medical examiner's show a major spike in homicides compared to last year. Right now, there's spend 902 homicides. That's an increase of more than 220. From all of last year, Vast majority of those came from gunshot wounds. The deaths were disproportionately black men. 16% of deaths were Latino 5% were white. This year will be only the second time in 25 years, The Cook County has surpassed 900 homicides so far this year. Chicago's recorded more than 700 of those homicides at the time at this time last year, those numbers were just about 460. A new report by the Illinois public Interest Research Group Claims comment. Customers have paid billions of dollars while the utility has under delivered its promise on the so called Smart grid technology. WGN's Bryan Burrough reports. The Illinois pervs report claims comment. Customers have paid billions and added Costin's 2011 for upgrades to the so called Smart grid system. Due to a formula rate passed by legislators. And while many of those upgrades won't be felt for years to come, comment has reaped a billion dollars Maurin profits over the last six years. The group is linking that legislation directly to the bribery scandal. A comment spokesperson denies to the Sun Times any tie between the scandal and the cost passed on to customers and says the increased cost Has led to more reliable service. Right, BRO. WGN news, Sharon said. Chicago public School students have until Monday to decide if they want their kids to return to the classroom. In the New year, CPS chief Education Officer LaTonya McDade Says safety is the priority. All of the safety protocols in health measures in place we've been working collaboratively with the Chicago Department of Public Health and following all of our local, state and federal guidelines will the Chicago Teachers Union Beyond Board for in person instruction is ongoing discussions with the union. Some of their concerns that they have communicated has to do with safety in terms of health measures and protocols with our buildings, and we've addressed all of those things. CPS is planning to have pre K and special ed students back in class on January, 11th Elementary school students would return on February. 1st governor Pritzker says current cove in 19 restrictions will remain in place for the coming weeks. Due to a possible post Thanksgiving certain we're still very much in a precarious place, and we have got to take the time to evaluate any Thanksgiving effect before we make any premature adjustment whiskers worried that new cases will overwhelm already crowded Illinois hospitals. Here in Chicago, the owner of the building in the Wicker Park neighborhood could be facing more action by the city. The building's already been closed until further notice after Chicago police shut down a large party over the weekend. With more than 300 attendees in violation of state imposed restrictions. The city says No one at the party was wearing a face covering there was no social distancing. The organizer had no license to operate a business in Chicago. City also shut down another party with 600. Attendees at the Chicago sports Complex on West 35th Street Citations were also issued two businesses, including Wild Berry pancakes in Cafe The delta and fat Fish bar and grill for indoor dining violations. Now with WGN sports. Here's Andy Maser, a stern sounding mad. Maggie met the media yesterday, a day after what he called an embarrassing loss of the Packers. Maggie seem to put everybody on notice. We better wake our tails up every freaking coach on the staff. Every player better wake up and start star understanding where we're at have some personal pride have a freak incest sense of urgency. Nowhere at have some pride into who were playing for and why we do this, and then go find a way to win as a team. That's my challenge to every single person in that building this week is that is that and the character of five and six when they stand right now heading into the Sunday game against the alliance at Soldier Field. Northwestern head. It's game at Minnesota this weekend canceled. This is the second straight football cancelation for the Gophers because of a spike in their cover 19 cases, seven more cases reported yesterday. The Gophers paws all team related activity six days ago. Northwestern leads the Big 10 West division of five and one will wrap up the regular season a week from Saturday at home against Illinois. Baltimore Ravens are struggling to contain the worst outbreak of the coronavirus in the NFL in the league is rescheduled the Baltimore Pittsburgh game again after several more positive tests and Ravens camp. The game was originally scheduled for Thanksgiving that it was moved to tonight will now be played tomorrow afternoon. Paul scheduled game for Thursday against Northern Illinois has also been postponed. That's four games miss now due to cover 19 for the Blue Demons they will open the season Sunday in Iowa State is part of the Big 12 Big East battle lot of college basketball today. Couple of afternoon matchups. Indiana will tip against number 17, Texas, part of the Maui Invitational being played in North Carolina, Also in that tournament. Number eight. Michigan State will face number six Duke later on his fourth ranked Wisconsin against Green Bay View I see will take on Valparaiso and Bradley home tonight against Johnson. I'm Andy Maser, WGN SPORTS The forecast from the WGN Chicago Weather Center. Here's meteorologist Morgan Cook Mayer. Good morning, mostly quiet conditions here this morning with the exception of Northwest Indiana still under winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings for very, very light precept falling if that light snow are freezing rain, creating some slick conditions and places like Port County, especially the northeastern part of that county in toward reporting Berrien in southwest Michigan, So just a heads up still some slick conditions out there, though most of us in Illinois dealing with quiet conditions. Outs in the morning. More sun in the afternoon with highs in the mid thirties and northwest winds 10 to 15 MPH gusting to about 20. That's the forecast from the WGN Weather Center. I'm working Coke Myers these guys It's 27 now in O'Hare and admit waits 28 along the lakefront. The windshield this morning is 17. Now, your money on WGN Good morning, O'Ryan, Samuelson and.

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