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But there's some guys here that might be good fits for them on the board at safety. Not a whole lot exciting here. I think they go with saquon Thompson out of Rutgers. So that is the end of my picks and a Thom Tillis goes picks, I should say, and we wind up with thought reisner Renault Ren Jo Giles Harrison third round cadence myth in the fourth Cameron Smith in the fifth. Anthony Johnson in the sixth and saquon Hampton at of Rutgers the safety in the seventh. All right. Well, clear that board started all over. Let's have some fun. You do your draft. I will do mine. So while the resetting hit us up on Twitter guys, let us know which Lesko draft you like better. And then tell us what you think is more of a two Lesko draft, my drafter Jamie's draft, which one would you be the most happy with my draft mytalk oh draft or my Jamie draft. And then. Then after we're done with everything just tell us you like better because I'm curious. Let's see how this goes. All right. So I'm on the board at twenty eight. Oh, I like this. I like this a lot. Okay. So available players at the moment, we have Daniel Jones Christian Wilkins who Garrett bradberry hockey Butler Chauncey Gardner Johnson's there Nazir Adler is there reisner is there. Jerry Tillery is there. Let's just say that if Christian Wilkins is on the board at twenty eight the chargers better sprint to that phone and make that hit. So I know I am taking Christian Wilkins at twenty eight. And I'm just going to end my draft now because I win. Yeah. It's the perfect start. And it's the perfect fit. It is exactly what to let's go would do if he's there, and this is Jamie draft and people are always like, well if he's on the board they should run that card up to the podium. They don't do that. They're not in the room. They have a Representative there. But it's not like to Lesko sitting in the back, and then he walks up to del. That's not how that works. Get on the phone you call them. And then you you put the Pickin nobody's running anywhere. Damn at just just go ahead and ruin my my image. They're them sprinting to the podium. Oh, no. I mean, you know, run to the phone. Call right away as soon as he sees vailable. But you know, you can't sprint the car to Goodell. All right. So we have Christian Wilkins at twenty eight in the first round. We are now on the board at sixty the charters are on the board at sixty just going through some positions of need. We have Titus Howard and yada nica juiced of on the board here in the second round ca juiced, certainly make some sense at the. And the second round. I had a late. Second raid on him tight ends. Jay stern burgers there. My guy. Dax Raymond Dawson knocks interior defensive line dream on Jones is still on the board. No, Ren Kaelin Saunders. But they just went interior defensive lines. I don't think that's where they're looking. There is nothing but crap on the board at linebacker. So they're going to pass it linebacker, Sean bunting, Trayvon Molin, David long. Isaiah johnson. Joe one Williams all on the board corner at safety Deontay Thomson. Amani Hooker to Kwan Johnson marquees player. Yeah. I think I know what I'm gonna do here. So with the Thompson on the board. I had a mid second round grade on him. Some people have great as high as the first round he has some development to do..

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