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One size fits all insurance coverage. Liberty mutual customizes your car and home insurance so you only pay for what you need. Liberty Mutual Insurance. 5 O three on WTO on this Wednesday March 15th, 2023, lots of wind and lots of sunshine 50 in D.C.. Good afternoon, I'm Sean Anderson. I'm Hillary Howard, our top local story this hour involves plans for your tax dollars in two Maryland counties In Montgomery county, residents could face an increase in property taxes. It's all part of the budget plan outlined by county executive Mark elric. The proposed Tencent property tax increase would be directed to Montgomery county schools. County executive Mark elric said, his $6.8 billion budget plan fully funds the budget increase requested by schools and the bump to the property tax is needed to do that. So what if he can't get county council approval on that? Where would he cut? He answered by saying what he won't do. I'm not going to cut the food we're giving people. I'm not going to cut their rental assistance. I'm not going to cut other departments. County council president Devin glass released a statement saying the 11 member council will provide thorough oversight over the budget, first public hearings on the issue are scheduled for next month. Kate Ryan, WTO P news. Meantime, prince George's county executive Angela also Brooks was in college park to unveil her 2024 budget, she says this year, there's not much room to maneuver. Prince George is county already places too much tax burden on residents. So there's no tax hikes being proposed by county executive Angela also Brooks, but over 80% of the $5.4 billion budget is already allocated to schools and safety. So to achieve her goal of what she calls a future proof budget, also Brooks is pinning her hopes on. An expanded commercial tax base. The county betting big redevelopment projects along the blue line from Largo to capitol heights and where the old Chevrolet hospital was will be the catalyst. We can deliver new amenities and at the same time stop balancing this budget on your backs. In college park, John dome in WTO P news. Knew this afternoon. FBI agents raided Roy McGrath's Florida home today two days after the one time top aide to former Maryland governor Larry Hogan failed to appear in Baltimore federal court to stand trial on corruption charges. McGrath's wife, Laura bruner, was home during the FBI raid, those in charge say she is cooperating with authorities. This week, the U.S. marshal service declared McGrath a wanted fugitive. He's accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the state, including what prosecutors call a fraudulent severance payment of more than a quarter $1 million. They are survivors who were sexually abused by Catholic priests in Maryland. And now they're applauding a judge who has agreed to release an investigative report on clergy, who hurt the people entrusted to them. David Lawrence, the Maryland director of snap, the survivors network of those abused by priests says the decision by Baltimore circuit court judge Robert Taylor to allow the Maryland attorney general's office to release the report connected to over 150 priests is validating to victims. We're going to see a report that not only that that doesn't just validate it, but it gives it sort of a microphone. It says, yes, this really did happen to these people. There's no exact date yet for the release of the report, and some names will be redacted. Kyle Cooper, WTO news. If you've been around old town Alexandria today, you might have seen a lot of smoke. It's because a historic home on south fairfax avenue caught fire about 1230 this afternoon. Our news partners at NBC four report one person was inside when it happened. They weren't hurt. The Alexandria fire department says one firefighter was hurt but not seriously. Most of that fire was put out by one 30. March Madness, it is giving students the university of Maryland something to cheer about this week, both the men and the women are playing on the big stage. Even playing generally well. So I'm hoping that they would. The university of Maryland men's basketball team is playing West Virginia tomorrow in Alabama. We watch every game, so we all picked a bracket. We got the terfs going real far and we're definitely going to watch the game together. People were really excited when we beat Purdue so then I felt like, okay, that gives us a little bit of an upper hand to maybe go further than people think. No, it's not just the men, the university's women's team will be playing against holy cross on Friday, and that game is happening right here in college park. It should be exciting. It should be getting vibrant. At the university of Maryland, Nick eind Ellie doubled news. Coming up after traffic and weather. Wall Street shook off big losses why a snack food spin off is called Kelly nova. I'm Jeff clay. It's 5 O 8. Michael and sons heating tune up for only $59

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