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Welcome. Welcome. Welcome back to the Bob left sets podcast. That's right. We're back with all new episodes with your favourite musicians, comedians promoters, and behind the scenes people just like my newsletter where I analyse the issues I'm gonna go deep with the guests. So if you want to know what's going on in the entertainment industry, you've got a tune into the Bob left sets podcast on the iheartradio app. Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcasts. Committed is a production of iheartradio. I told myself if I don't say the words, I'm gay then I always like argue against it. People die every day. And what if we can to a car accident? And then I have to be the one to call Mike and be like pied. This is Jared your sons live in lover. And he's now passed away. If I were to die tomorrow. What Jared job it'd be like a stranger funeral, and he's the most important person in my life. Would he feel comfortable coming to my funeral would he'd be allowed to mourn? My death. Levi Doshi emailed us his story last year. I read that Email about ten times read it out loud to Nick read it out the Ramsey. And I knew this was a story we had to tell a rather astray. We had to help Levi towel. It's about being honest, completely and radically honest with yourself, and the people you love before you get married. It's also about the things you need to do. And the things you need to let go of before you can join your life with another person. Levi. Jared have been dating since they were in college. They live together now in Columbus, Ohio, and they're completely committed to each other. Levi's tad. Mike has no idea that he lives with Jared doesn't even know Jared exists. In fact, has no idea that son is gay, and that's something that both Levi. Jared wanna reconcile before they take the next step and getting gauged? I asked me if I was scared. Scared to tell a story in such a public way right now. I asked him if you want to use a pseudonym. He didn't. Levi is trying so hard to be brave and the beyond. I leave. I want to tell us love story now. All of it. I'm jackie. This is committed. I think we tend to maybe have like a little bit of differing versions of the same story of how he met just because I like to poke a little bit of fun it Jared this Levi, by the way, and so we met when we were in college Asaf more. So he would have been in your last year of junior. Yeah. Levi likes to Jared a hard time because Jared actually gone out with one of Levi's friends before they met. They ran in similar circles. But didn't know each other that well, and then one might leave. I got this message. He just like randomly posted a post on my Facebook wall. And it just text me. And I was like confused because I was saying to he'd like one of my friends. I was I don't know what that means. He knows I don't have his number like what what am I supposed to do with that? So I just like did nothing naturally. And then maybe like a week later. He messaged me like conversationally and was like, oh, we should get dinner. And I kind of legitimized it to myself, and my friends I was like ya'll like I don't want to be late closed off. We could make new friends like I have to put myself out there. This is definitely not a day. And then he pays for the dinner. And I'm sweating because I'm like, oh, this is a day. And then I get back to like my friends apartment afterwards. I was like I think I just went on a day. And then we started dating. Jared definitely remembers it differently leave I made an impression on him. The first time that he ever saw him. They're at a house party. The theme was slutty Disney. Here's jared. So I show up in little black shorts with dots. Painted all over my body. And I was as slutty dumb, Asian and Levi had jeans Afo t shirt on with a cat on it. He's like, I'm gonna wrist a cat. And I'm like that does not count. That's not a flooding. Disney costume so from there like you said, I message on Facebook the next day, and it kind of snowballed from there. But my first impression of Levi was I just I never seen. Anybody like him his energy, his smile, just like lights up the room and just remember talking to him, and you know, doing shots this party. And I was like this is somebody that I need to know. This is somebody that I'd like need to have in my life. And I can't explain other than that.

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