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Nima because he's telling his sister and they're both wearing long sleeve sweaters in bed, which I mean, I'm not buying it. I think they were making just picked up some clothes, but he's like, well, I didn't know if it was Nema or Mona in which was which I'm like, is that Mona? And she's or what ever. I never figured it out this, Mona. The girl is Mona or Nima. The girl is Mona and the boys Nima Mona. Nima sounds like one name really to it. Yeah. So mommy MMA, like when they're in love, they could be Meema. Wait will be Meema me my moment. I was pretty much into them being naked from the waist down. Yes, me too. But you know also proud of them because like why go by society's rules, you guys. They were cert- guy that you just can't impregnate. That's the only thing. So he's trying to make us believe because he's been really pushing this like, look at me. I just like show I cheat on my girlfriend on national TV and brag about it, which I think that he's really like a nice nerdy guy, and he's just trying to pretend to be a horrible person to be on this show. That's my theory that you think the girlfriend is a plant. I think the girlfriend is real, but he didn't even do anything with g. g. because she didn't kiss him, and then he's just trying to make it like, oh my God, I can't believe I thought about kissing that other girl such a bad boy, because on this show, you have to be a horrible person, you know. So I think he's just trying to fit in. Well, I know that in the preview for the next episode it showed them hiking when he like reveals and that it was that that location was taken the. They showed a picture of them when they said, oh, nemo's girlfriend, and they showed a picture and it was from that hiking theme. Oh. Good. Yeah. Like someone took it on there is Mon from the later. Yeah, it wasn't like a thing from dinner. Oh, yeah. Well, he, yeah, he's making it sound like they've been together forever. Yeah. Okay. So then res- g g comes downstairs and everybody's kinda gathering around and Mike slake GD is still wasted, and she goes, I'm completely plagiarized by your Cologne sermon. I'm later bit. Oh my God. She played it off. Well, I was like, I don't know how she's going to get out of this. And then she just sorta said, I'm cheated. Okay. Got out a little late it off a little bit, but then she had to go directly in fucking Roach shade at Mercedes, and that's always fun. I love when they fight to them too, and they're never leaving frightening about anything. I mean, I guess MJ did teller. She makes terrible life decisions, but she does, you know, but it's coming from MJ who's marrying Tommy who's like this. We disguise ever, but she's acting like she's marrying. She's acting like Kate. Kate Middleton. She's old. She's acting like she's making Markle. I think I'm Jay. I don't know. I guess that really offended g g but I didn't get it because she, she seemed to admit that she needed to like stop doing relationships and she just wanted to do contracts and companionship or whatever. So I don't know why she, I guess she can say up nobody else can. And clearly that guy is insane the x. yes. Oh my God. He isn't say so GD. You know, she's always stabbing people and had her last season where she was really pretending to be a good person had. So now she's fuck that I'm gonna kick anybody's ass. Who comes near me? You know, I surprised not one of them warned. Mona Nema Nema, Mona about how she is a homicide oil and has an anger management issue. Like they were like they did items Rosa was like, she will. She will take your guts and she will feed them to us and we'll eat them. You know, he was like, she's terrifying. So be careful any that can handle her bro. That was at the very beginning before even news crushing. Right because they just cast him become, you know, fuck DIGI for awhile, right. Well, they might have warmed them again because he doesn't realize he's gonna get stabbed in asleep..

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