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After a very quick replay review. The ruling on the field is changing as Tony Boselli predicted. This was going to be an incomplete pass. And it certainly is incomplete second intended to thirty seven for Arizona referee, Alex kept could just called up here. Now why we had it right? Always said, why don't you just ask? Tony boselli. And if I disappear Kevin. Yeah. A little bit. There's a five Patty twenty pieces of cheese burger down. I might have to go get I at for my good with chicken tenders and fries rose at a swing pass on second down to Edmonds up the left sideline and Edmunds out of bounds at the forty eight yard line six yard gain on the play for Edmonds. Forty three yard line rather as he's out of bounds at the forty three third down four go saying that has my name on it that burger literally I think has my name will will you share said burger, that's one of those challenges you have to eat the whole bacon on it. Well, I love big twenty slices of cheese. That's a lot of a lot of. Lactose intolerant. You might be after that sandwich. Thirty four the forty three yard line rose to throw pressure comes getaway for wolf. And then the ball's knocked out of his hands rolling on the field at midfield. Still rolling Jarod around and scooped up by Denver that ball bounced caromed rolled and finally picked up on the near sidelines by the Barca's Walker. No question that this one's going to be a turnover as he stepped up into the pocket. Von Miller got him and the ball bounced off his knee took a wild roll through three players squirts free to the sidelines at DeMarcus Walker scoops it up very clearly fumble. And there is a cardinal on the ground. It's one of the tight ends. And I'm not sure exactly which what I saw the eight. I could not see the other number. It's eighty six Ricky seals Jones. Yes. And he's grabbing his left arm. He was one of the few players on that sideline. There were trying to get the ball and all the bodies collapsing on that rolling ball. So while they tend to seals Jones who is now standing up, we'll step aside for a quick break. You're listening to Thursday night football on Westwood One. The natural habitats. Creepy.

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