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Guy. Chipped ahead now to Marsh and breaking down the end of the Nashville zone. Yosi is back Marsh turns and the predators end up with the loose puck. Left back for Yosi to carry Yosi comes up outside the line hammers it in Hawaii stops it and Hawkins up clearing. It. Rene will leave it now for Ryan Ellis twenty seven seconds remaining in the penalty. You'll see flings in from outside the line sisters reverses to the predators left. You'll see their tapped it down systems put it out in front that one was then capped away at by the goaltender walk. And now under ten seconds remains in the Nashville power play. Ellis works on over for Yoshi across the line Yosi breaking in lost the puck and the Bruins able to clear it up and icing is waved off by the quick work. They're coming inside by camper but finished serving his penalty pass by camper. Intercepted. My hartman. He's Senate wide though of Ellis backhanded. Out the center. And now it comes back in crew wasn't where what go ahead and wind does watch or not now he takes the shot ain't got a piece of that sending it to the corner. In the corner Carlo defenseman comes out in front. The puck was poke.

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