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That they were sexually abused and raped by Jeffrey abstain Jennifer rose is thirty two years old now in her civil suit she said she was just fourteen and a student at a performing arts high school a few blocks away from Jeffrey F. Steens Manhattan mansion when she was approached by one of his recruiters just saying like you know he's helped me I've struggled like she was similar to me speaking to N. B. C.'s today show she gave explicit details about how esteem allegedly groomed her first starting with massages before she claims he raped her and I was terrified and I was telling him to stop please her lawsuit seeks to force have steam to reveal the identity of the recruiter Steve casting about New York ahead of a congressional hearing off on treatment of migrants at the border Maryland congressman and house oversight chairman Elijah Cummings spoke out against putting kids in cages I want America to know that we want to be reminded to value our values the value our values and our values do not worth that allow us to put kids in Katy Texas Republican congressman chip rice says he's never seen a kid in a cage I've been to the border many times in this day I've never seen a kid in a cage the way those words seem to indicate it charges have been formally filed against the man accused of murdering a southern California woman who went missing in Utah last month twenty three year old mackenzie look went missing on June seventeenth after returning to Salt Lake City where she attended the university of Utah the investigation led to the arrest of thirty one year old a you'll John E. D. a sim gill says the jockeys charge with Luke's murder that he allegedly tried to cover up in his backyard police located a human bone chart muscular tissue part of a scalp with hair a cell phone and other charges personal items arrest of Luke's burned remains were found in a shallow grave in a wooded area about eighty miles away you'll says the decision whether to seek the death penalty will be made later I'm Jim route checking your money tonight the Dow finished the day up seventy seven points the S. and P. five hundred up thirteen the nasdaq up sixty one WMAL traffic and weather next.

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