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Guys won't miss a couple of bucks. Buckeyes put it on my helmet. Bob, Warren came sat down looked at the time. Does it? Hey, buck. Are you guys Danny, Danny? Fifty three. Buck is just it goes to show how important. I didn't have a lot. But I I guess I got my fair share. I would say so so the guys this year who are you going to be looking to corral in the buckeyes for their home? It's a great question initially. I thought it was the Wayne has that we were gonna vista mostly the accuracy from that quarterback position touchdowns eight interceptions. The numbers were outstanding. But after last weekend and watching the buckeyes blazed the scene with how fast I why receivers and even Mike Weber random forty badge. I think the challenge is going to be replacing the offencive speed that we lost. Because you know, you guys know in football. That's a huge thing. When you have wide receivers run with the football Africa catch and watching all three of those guys run as well as they did I'm curious to see if we have the same amount of speed in the locker room and could we have those big plays that come from just six yard throw. You know, when they start practice here and what twenty fifteen minutes E, there's so many storylines this spring. Stan you got a new head coach and Ryan day. You got the transfer quarterback. Justin fields battling with Matthew Baldwin got a basically an entire new defensive coaching staff position battles. You're talking about the loss. Speed position battles all over the place early enrolled freshmen like that wide receiver. Garrett Wilson Owen Zach Harrison to the top recruits in the country. What are the what is the important storyline in your mind? What are you going to be looking at the most over the next month? Kadi replace the icon. How do you replace a legend? I'm not talking about the quarterback had one sensational season urban Meyer below ground the sidelines. Even with the first three games last year. The second the two games he was in locker room at practice every day. But now his presence is gone, and you've got to maintain this high level of play. And that's a lot of pressure because they as good of a coach if he is he's never been a head coach. And then you bring into assistance better from that team up north. And so can you continue to be consistent winning football games? We urban Meyer has and I've talked about this at length fat co stake goes and two in his first three years in one of those losses in two of the seasons is to Michigan. I'm not sure that's a successful campaign. And so for me, my money is how do you replace a legend in urban Meyer and stay at a high level because what he did here. Just unbelievable. You look at that too. I mean, you know, you go back to trestle you talk about, you know, urban Meyer. You know, the Ohio connection to I mean ee play that forward, and you see how these people are beloved. And we just don't know how we're gonna feel about coach day. Yeah. We don't. But but the good news is that. It'd be win football games will. Coach Cooper's not at Ohio guy. I know he's got somewhat of a dicey reputation. But in the years, he was love here. So you just have to win football games. You have to continue to recruit at a high level. And if you can get your offense to be explosive as it was a year ago. I think the fans will figure out how to love know, how stand you followed up a quarterback when you became the starting quarterback Bob wing who had set records the year before you became the starter. So now, you got Justin fields likely maybe Matthew Baldwin who are following up after Dwayne Haskins. What would you tell those guys about the job that they are battling foreign about to inherit? What advice would you give them following up a guy that had a legendary season? Try not to be Dwayne asking me because you can't follow that up. There was no way in the world that I could do the things that Bob pointed, you know, but I had special skill sets that were different and you have to take advantage of your skills sets of his Justin feels. Bearable run the football. You know, you just you just want to move to change and be consistent. What are the things? We're able to do pensively was our first fifteen possessions. We scored affect out and that kind of took the pressure off lasted as we were able to rely on a really good defense. So provoke those quarterbacks don't try to be Dwayne Haskins. You don't have to throw the ball over the yard touchdown. Thirty touchdowns is a lot college football. We'll all be excited about that. And play your game. And if you do that allow the game to come see you don't make a bunch of us for states. You'll have a lot of sense. On some level stand. That's pretty easy to say. But I mean, you gotta play the team on the field. But if you're coach day, you're competing against the coaches that came before you if you're going to be Justin fields as the starter, you're competing not only against doing Haskins, but J T Barrett. Those two guys did it a high level completely different. How do you carve your own way in that field? Again. You don't you just you do it your way think about the number difference between fifty touchdowns touchdowns for J T Barrett having this year. So you just do it your own way. But at the end of the day, there's only one thing that matters if you win football games, then you will win the crowd over. And that's the channel suggested feels if he throws ten touchdowns next year and the team is undefeated and they're playing for national championship. He will be beloved think about what car Dow Jones. Did he only started three games here? The year we won the national championship. But people still love him. So you just have to do it your way because we try to force things down the field that you try to beat the way Haskins. If you try to be Jesse berry, it doesn't work out and you end up losing. Game that you shouldn't Maryland are Purdue then you're going to tarnish your reputation. So you have to be yourself. No matter what stand before I let you go got to ask you, you mentioned the NFL combine, and you know, Paris Campbell run on a four three two and Terry MacLaurin of four three five I noticed the NFL network yesterday put out an all combine offensive team. Five of them were Ohio State players Mike Weber Dwayne Haskins MacLaurin Campbell and Mike Jordan. How much does that performance? The that Ohio State players had at the NFL combine affect recruiting and what Brian days now, we're going to try to do to lure players to Ohio State. Well, it shouldn't because individual player should know that this. These are individuals skill sets that don't often show up on the field. But it helps because everybody's watching and what really helps find those guys moving up the trap board. So now, you have three buckeyes going to first round and the other on a second. Then that's something that you can spread around the country is your recruiting people. But I got to tell you about the bigger question is how did we ever lose game? I'm with you. You said was before last season. Even started STAN if we lose games, it's on the coaches, maybe that's why urban is gone. The fire the greatest coach. Listen, I get it. But I got fired just a few months ago job. And I was told that they had to put the the real eighteen back together. They said Jackson. You gotta go pack, and I gotta get McCoy back with Joel. It's nice that you got a good attitude about it's all I know Stanley and looking forward to it spring football Stanley Jackson, Matt McCoy on NewsRadio six ten.

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