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With a million bucks. Giving the business manager dude does not the best investment. Yeah jay mckee. He's the man. He's faced bell tower. now take out pit bull. That's the way it works. Need tough character to be two men. The thing that stuff with that is you know pit bulls been you know the face a bell tower and reigning champ at you. Know forty five. Yeah yeah. He's been there champ at forty five and fifty five right so he can still find a fifty five. The problem here is when the fights this clear cut. I guess we'll run it back but he has you know he's. He's putting the work in his the reputation where they should probably run it back if he wants or you just stopped. Who knows but aj mckee is your next bill for superstar. He's on food. Truck could use the monster energy drink. I just think that is pursue. He just chill dude. He just easy rider easy rider. Aj mckee your world champion mil- million bucks richer doing the goddamn thing. Do not buy a car that money. Aj i know you're gearhead. Do not buy a car by some property. My man do something with it now. Ufc called that one to your boys. Trickling got it done view decision. Not even really a fight. I saw one judge gave it to One round your but it was just a clear-cut landslide for sean strickland. Sean strickland is a bad mahamud. Jama he's fucking goodman. He ended up motorcycle accident since then. Expiring at a bit by the spider. Maybe i was like sean strickland thing. Like when you hit the the blacktop maybe give them some superpowers because ever since then he is fucking good man. He's really really good and now he's gonna be playing with the big boys now now. Now it's top five or bus for that man. he's gonna be a problem too. He has some entering quote. Oh yeah. I'm masturbation murder. Okay a dude you gotta get one or two jerks a day kids if you don't you're gonna lose it. He says jack off at least twice a day once or twice a day that's decides what of his dreams is to kill someone during the fight to legally too. I know he's a crazy dude man. I've been listening to podcasts on trickling kill the guy. He's gonna racist before you know what kind of just racist against black people in some other people. I guess the way he grew up he just didn't know any better and finally as he grew up and we're girlfriend our grew up. I think it's black. People just be illegal immigrants or something like that but definitely. He said he was admitted racist but then he changed. That's a plus listen. It appears the ufc marketing team pr team. Yeah american history x over there. Let's try to change the whole vibe of this going on. He's like no. I'm not gonna say anything crazy. Listen yet jack. Up twice a day murder somebody. That's what we're talking about. Let's pull off on that. Show you on when i was young raises right now. I know what what about the car wreck. Can we talk about the motorcycle accident. So this is these quotes and saying if you like to fuck in her people. You're in the right sport man said with a big smile american psycho here I would love nothing more than to kill somebody in the ring. Nothing more it got. His sponsorship goes nothing more. It would make me super happy. I would own that shit too. I don't know if it would make me liable. But i have to say i'm of the cops came but i would own that shit own. It be a psychopath. it's fucking. he is honest though. This is dicey stacey. I liked that. He's still listen. At least he's not fake in the original You know. I don't condone any of it but Yeah if that becomes your champ. Uc's going to have some. You know the pr. Sit down with a. Hey let's just not go over this stuff anymore. He's a motherfucker them and he's a good goddamn fighter Some of his quotes going into the main. I main event to harry's like goes what do you tell me if they want to be a uc fighters. They don't do it. You make more money than anything else than it took me forever not to be worried about my car payment yes. He's the guy the pay murdering people jacking off races. Check check check. He's easy entertaining guy though he's fun to watch at least he's being his authentic self. No matter how crazy it is who is heavy. Here's a little video of him too..

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