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He's had the playbook. He's had the playbook offspring. Okay. Because he could not graduate early. He he what did they call it? Not Rian rolled. He moved up. He was actually supposed to be a senior, but he, he, gosh, I forgot what they call it reevaluated his grade or something like that where he actually went up a year to graduate early. So he can now go to you young eighteen like he won't be nine season's over and if he wins, if you will see their birth certificate wiza- job, if he was the job outright said, one was other quarterbacks transfer because that means they'll never play reclassified. If he wins the job, would you if one of those other kids will your kid? Would you tell them to transfer since a true freshman Lutely. Nice young soon becoming anyway. Yeah, he's got go sure when a guy is that young and he wins a store in job, it's not no hard feelings, right? But coach has got their mind made up. It's time it's time to move on like what happened to what was his name out of Orange County? What was that when Barkley wanted who Aaron Corp and he's still can't say, what are you doing going to? You'll never play, never play. Yeah. There was crazy max Brown and there's a lot of max Brown was fine. He just couldn't beat out clearly if either one Alabama or did well in Alabama. If he'd been starting, he'd been rolling. Couldn't beat him out again. Klay Helton felt like he told max Brown, I'm gonna give you this shot. And even though he knew Sam darnold was better. You want to be good. You were especially with Klay Hilton because he had come off the interim season and those players all had his back. See, I don't think people realize though at the quarterback spot because it is so few quarterbacks in his only one of them can start that if you're not the starter, then. You're holding a clipboard. I know wait till he gets hurt or injured and he plays bad, but but I'm not hoping for that. I'm not hoping for God to get injured. I'm not hoping for him to play Babb. What if he doesn't right? Oppose like a receiver defensive back start. It's you always. Don't get on the field so it doesn't really doesn't really affect those other skill position. Yeah, I always wondered about that. If you're if you have NFL aspirations and you'd think you'd good to get now you can still get there eventually in as a low pick. But if you want to be a first round draft, pick as a quarterback and you wanna take us one year though, just wanting to, but you could tell you that. Yeah. But if you're playing with a freshman in your sophomore junior, and like you said, you gotta wait for this guy to get hurt to get on the field. So I, I never understand why guys like that stay out of school known, they'll never play. I mean, all these quarterbacks, they're on a clock anyway because that that kid Bryce young ended up committing to USC anyway. And he's considered, I think, a four or five star quarterback. I don't even know what he is like, how? How does a kid time? How does it Jalen hurts at Alabama now handle this because he's going to be a senior this year. I believe Jalen hurts. I was going to get the same June. So how's he going to handle this to scavenger teeny, whatever come in. I can never say his two to tell tavern, you're Lewis. I'm like that. How do you have your Jalen hurts in his father's very outspoken. Lavar a little bit. What would you tell your son Jalen hurts the do. I would tell Jalen sit tight because you struggle he wrote in the championship game. Yeah, he sure did. That doesn't mean that he don't get beat out. Gain? No, it's kind of knowing that to has got the job now that Alabama. I don't know that the two has the ruler is coming out about that. Just people visa better thrower. He is a better thrower. He eats. And you could move and you can move around. You look, you look at their number one preseason ranking, it's pretty clear the coaches around the car. They don't think it really even matters who ends up starting good enough, whether it's in the one you'll get out..

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