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Roslyn right now 40 in Laurel and we have 43° here in friendship heights And it's 5 40 Former Minneapolis police officer Thomas lane took the stand in the federal trial of three former police officers charged with violating George Floyd's civil rights Caroline Cummings of W CCO TV has details on lane's testimony The prosecution in cross examination reemphasized that lane was taught he had a duty to intervene and render medical aid Lay in a firm he had that training Lane faces one charge of failing to provide Floyd medical care Assistant U.S. attorney Samantha triple had lain read an excerpt from lane's interview with BCA days after Floyd's death where lane said the situation quote could have been handled differently Now the defense has rested its case Derek Chauvin the former officer who pressed his knee on Floyd's neck killing him was convicted last year in a serving of more than 22 years sentence A January 6th defendant who bragged that he broke the Internet will be sentenced Friday morning Prosecutors are asking for Adam Johnson who was photographed carrying House speaker Nancy Pelosi's lectern during the capitol attack to be sentenced to 90 days in federal prison They also point out that Johnson's wife is a doctor in the family's financial situation is so favorable that Johnson has not had to work for the past 11 years so he should also be able to afford a significant fine Johnson's attorneys say he deeply regrets his participation in the breach of the capitol Some neighborhoods in college park are facing a growing problem of flooding that help may be on the way following last night's city council meeting College park there Patrick wayan says neighborhoods including cherry hill and Calvert hills have suffered under significant rainstorms Flooded basements are flooded streets We've seen cars be destroyed because of flooding on the streets And then there were the basements that take in water from saturated ground We've seen an increasing amount of just ongoing nuisance flooding While prince George's county provides stormwater management and college park the mayor expects the city council will approve college park's own plan to combat flooding using economic stimulus dollars to higher engineers to analyze flood prone areas and look for ways to reduce the flooding News Over a third of Maryland's clean energy actually came from dirty sources in 2020 That's according to a new report by an environmental advocacy group Sources like trash incinerators landfills and debris burned in power plants and paper mills The report by public employees for environmental responsibility or peer finds that Maryland energy providers paid nearly $200 million since 2008 to buy renewable energy credits from so called dirty facilities in the region They also found that the state will spend half a $1 billion subsidizing those types of energy sources According to our news partner Marilyn matters some lawmakers are taking steps though so controversial energy sources like incinerators or landfills won't qualify for tax breaks as they do now under current Maryland standards Shane is still in WTO P news Up ahead here on WTO P and award winning local theater company is holding a.

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