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West of Haymarket. Very slow, unusual delays but beginning to see some four progress after about a 30 minute stoppage near Broadway run fire, put out the remaining response at the burned utility truck. Blocking the right side near mile marker. 35 left lane has been open for about 15 20 minutes. Now, westbound traffic drivers begin to get a get A move on 95 South bound slow from Newington to Woodbridge. 3 95 south bound into the sunset. Slow traffic. Pentagon through Shirlington with the visors Down Beltway in Maryland Outer Loop New River Road Medical emergency on the right shoulder in volume delays into silver spring and with more heavy traffic. Leaving silver spring into college Park. The crash beyond the exit toward 95 on the interlude blocking the right side. You were also working an accident North bound on 95 near to 12 that is on the shoulder. 95 South found south of 100 that one should be on the shoulder to 70 nothing in the way between Rockville and Frederick and outside of Redland on Redland Road near Briar, Dale wrote. Motorcycle crash You're getting by under police direction At one point, though, traffic Wass turned around at today's truck crash Shady Grove Road All the Rams 3 72 100 were reopened earlier much. Earlier this afternoon, Amtrak has rolled out new safety measures, including enhanced cleaning, efficient air filtration and physical distancing. Learn Mort Amtrak dot com Dave Tilden. W T o P. Traffic. Let's go to Storm team For now we've got to meet a urologist. Amelia Draper. Another day of weather perfection out there with temperatures in the mid seventies, too, near 80 and a mix of clouds.

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