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Now under criminal investigation and the college admission scandal one of the actresses daughters received a target letter from feds in Massachusetts earlier this month regarding operation bar city blues. It informed her that she is now under investigation to which could result in criminal charges. Laurie Laughlin in her husband Maasim out. Don't appreciate all the backlash over this involvement concerned about whether they appreciate it or not I we should all stop giving him a hard time because they don't appreciate they are outraged by people saying that they are cheaters called sorry. I don't cheat. Cheat masses all cheating beyond says super strict diet has Twitter talking on her homecoming Coachella documentary for Netflix that we rocked out to yesterday to mazing the formation singer revealed how she was limiting herself. No, Brad, no carbs, no sugar. No dairy. No fish, no alcohol. Bottom line. I'm hungry. What are you eating? She added. I was two hundred eighteen pounds day. I gave birth. I had to rebuild my body from muscles. What people don't see is. All the sacrifice. Yeah. Well, we don't see any food on your plate. Either. No. The return of game of thrones was arguably the most anticipated TV event since ever, but apparently not everyone who wanted to see it has an HBO subscription because the first episode of season. Eight was pirated lot an online piracy data firm called new says that Sunday season premiere was downloaded or washed illegally more than fifty four million times in the twenty four hours after it. Aired for context Nielsen's tracking says a total number of legal viewers on Sunday night was around seventeen million. So more than triple more way. More people watching it illegally Kaelin than legally illegal though, someone's paying for it because you should be paying for it. Individually, every every set should pay, you know, because if you're watching on somebody else's, it's your basically.

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