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Killing Texas blessed soil McAllen Texas I'm Sergio Sanchez and if you wanna join the conversation you make it by Steve he's gonna patch down British T. he's got the uniform of the bachelor gloves on all national patch you'll like the Pat down eight four four three four four Dana I'll take a call here in a second usually stand by got a couple of unlikely real quick I got some audio and share with you I think I think Dana commented on this last hour a rockstar it's a it's a two minute bit of audio from from South Carolina it's a black man outside I believe us some type of government building could be sheriff's offices outside of the government building somewhere in South Carolina and he's open carry he's on the sidewalk he's on public land in some some caring four other members and Keren someone called to complain the suspicious man black men it's kind of a rifle and a little scary because he's got a rifle who this is the culture that we've created people that we have allowed I haven't created but we have allowed as a nation to allow a public school system and a media that that promotes ignorance in suspicion and fear at the sides of a rifle of a gun and by the way cancel all the shows the cops show in the live PD and even a little doggie that cartoon dog you hurt and never heard anyone always disabled people and I know because I got an eight year old now he's been watching that pop patrol thing that chase character by erasing all those characters from media that's that is not promoting knowledge promoting trust understanding of police bill absolutely these could be such a crazy that we're in right now and it's all driven not by fax well forget that's all driven by fear by ignorance by emotion I can't wait for the storm to subside eventually move away I'm gonna share that two minute piece of audio this is black mass South Carolina on public land open caring knowing his rights knowing how to engage police officers peace officers who came asking questions about you know some caring or Karen old call to complain about it because he's open carries a rifle scanner you can scan contact eight four four three four four Dana let me go to can in Alaska I can just imagine how beautiful is right now in Alaska I don't care the card is up here on okay I really think it's important that some great respect between men along I really believe that everybody's together supporting police officers and finding out I really wish to take about one minute the cops could work their own neighborhoods because you respect he would he would you know older people around they don't have a lot of stuff like that the other thing I really would like is there a future calls never become a protected class because you're protected class I mean they get there they get their just powers from season three and so to me it's really important they don't have any more power than any normal citizen does that's what I get their just powers from end of day one a protected class any work their own neighborhoods you know I think could create a lot more respect between Matt a lot my family looking for military and police thank god I have so many friends who have a disdain for police officers and accurate images way to go about it what is it comes from what what what is I can understand that you mention your friends at four police wars that come from one or two bad experiences in our lives you know already that one bad cop you don and I got all the figure out thousands of interactions between everyday infantry and you know you might get international if not you should really already marked on in on the trend she can't every copy right to the top thank you for being out there is very important in defining it is not an option for people to get out there at six AM have given all their people to live in our community and have a tough job and when they're yelling and screaming is going to help anything here here here huh I got so thank you that's all good points you know it's easier for you know smaller communities are mid sized communities I can tell you some of the like on my street we live on on the northern portion of the here my city and we got we what we used to have a couple police officer now we have one at the end of the street but what I used to have a mechanic cop was my neighbor and I love the fact that he brought a squad vehicle and parked there overnight I will ask you a few DPS to public safety vehicles in Texas of those parked nearby as well I think it's easier for for smaller cities are mid size city and bigger places it would it would need to be a labor of love can you imagine what the labor of love in Minneapolis all place we got cops quitting you got other police department saying that whether they're police officers quitting school to swipe your tactical that type of a units of support for fellow police officers who have been arrested or facing charges like if somebody's bigger markets I look at what's taking place and the abuse they go through from from the rock throwing and finding that there was there was online and in Miami to get you that video in Miami's cops holding their tongue holding your fist major but still try to enforce the law interesting individuals who are coming at them and at tacking police property I would want to be a cop in a place like that the frustration expressed up in New York by one of the union chiefs of their I think the number you get like three hundred fifty million encounters the police have a citizens in this country and if minute very small fraction.

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