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There's a blank now all your hot too much time has two thousand six that he is not a raise thing that's people feel that way and why why people feel the same way paul along why two my my my point one that i know just want to get on a summer ville paul get on a summer because there's a lot of people and guess what even in the town away with the happy turn away with that i live in an apparently never leave their that they'll live around my area to end middle class middle crash can move on belie so that was considered the heroin capital of the country for years on end mcapital weymouth has been considered the heroic johanna konta well yeah there's a while okay its allies been considered the heroin capital of the country where you are maybe not the world of the country per capita acquaintances over promoscow on us of course they do i'm not saying weymouth is the only one damn all all stop and not everything is a raise thing and not everything is a religious wars saying just in women those who rob cherry dock to throw him out of here yeah that one doesn't exist because i don't go there he's not allowed under way in the fall told me i can't leave weymouth so i dunno buckle have you look back in the history of drugs is much of the ground for hours only movie didn't report crimes in poor neighborhoods to give people addicted people didn't care what blocs are getting too big now assignments white suburbs a.

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