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A quick he's very funny lyrics here's a funny guy yeah very very talented clearly writing being able to write the sort of catchy songs but also investing sort of the right tone for the right project he actually wrote the theme song for the crazy ex girlfriend show too also getting a nomination for that he actually got Grammy nominations for contributing songs to Sesame Street ended when it means also for writing songs for the Tony awards that Neil Patrick Harris would sing in the telecast the irony there of courses he was also nominated for a Tony for participating in the musical cry baby for Best Musical Best Original Score Anna and and then you throw on top of that that he got into an academy award nomination for writing songs for the Tom Hanks directed film that thing you do about a power pop band just an incredibly diverse career clearly a consummate musician and sort of on his craft yeah I'm really really such a loss and at such a young age because obviously he had a lot more to contribute and died at the age of fifty two fifty two is is far too young for somebody that is that prolific and had so much to share that way you wrote and bet for KCRW for how Wilner who was a longtime Saturday Night Live staffer and what did he do tell us more about how Wilner so how will I his official title was producer but he was less of that guy sort of behind the mixing board moving though the the faders and whatnot and more sort of a conceptualist his idea was to bring people together oftentimes very different sort of musical backgrounds to create something new and something unique and he did that over the course of a series of these tribute compilations that he put together the very first one in nineteen eighty one was a tribute to Nina rota the composer that worked with from a film director Federico Fellini on on many of his films and he brought in a collection of jazz musicians and some folks from the pop world including Debbie Harry from Blondie and sort of get their re interpretations of his film scores and it was really such captivating music that he continued on that that sort of idea and did similar collection celebrating the work of Thelonious Monk Kurt vile got Charles Mingus Broadway legend Harold Arlen Leonard Cohen so many others and then from that Kurt vile compilation one of his regular contributors was Lou Reed and does a just a tremendous version of the Kurt vile song September song well let's hear a clip of that and these few Lou Reed September song produced by how Wilner that's.

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