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Sprint eight matches march twenty third nineteen sixty five exactly nine twenty four this morning world watched as the gemini three rocket blasted off into space inside carry two pieces of precious cargo john young and gus grissom molly brown gift capcom that's you you're the capsule communicator or capcom your job is who talk directly with yasser noughts and molly brown well like all astronauts grissom had a habit of nicknaming his ships last time he went with the liberty bell but after the liberty ended up at the bottom of the ocean grissom decided he wanted something more resilient molly brown as in the unsinkable molly brown canary capcom yeah it really is we didn't get to see too much of the state's though too many clouds roger launch went really well what is to start celebrating there's work to be done you listen as the astronauts undertake one of the key goals of this mission testing space food washer meal hotdog girl food one of these they send a lead the brownies closed let me have some of that juice when you get done get any water yep good stuff in a few hours time the gemini three was splashed down in the ocean and you can enjoy some well deserved rest and relaxation but then you hear something strange over the intercom corned beef sandwich john just about hits the floor where did that come from abroad with me let's see how it tastes this is not good there were lots of pre approved foods to be tested hotdogs brownies chicken legs applesauce but you know for a fact that a corn beef sandwich was not one of them now you're starting to get worried smell.

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