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South central Arizona has grown to more than 170,000 acres. Fire crews have made steady progress in recent days with about 70%. Containment from member Station K and Au Ryan. Hi inches. Reports. Several small communities east of Phoenix remain under evacuation as firefighters focus on protecting homes along the Telegraph fires southeastern edge. Dozens of structures have been destroyed after it was first reported nearly two weeks ago, and it's since become one of the state's largest wildfires on record. The blaze merged with another mostly contained fire. Earlier in the week, Crews are battling more than half a dozen act of wildfires in Arizona. Bans on campfires and most open flames have been implemented in the state, as much of the region faces near record triple digit temperatures and extreme drought for NPR news. I'm Ryan Hi anxious in Flagstaff. On Wall Street stocks finished mostly mixed. Today, the Dow lost 210 points down 6/10 of a percent. This is NPR and this is KCRW. I'm Larry Peril. Here's what's happening at 3 32 well vaccinated workers may be able to put away their masks in most situations. California workplace regulatory panel today endorsed relax covid rules for the workplace. Generally aligns with state and CDC guidelines. And on the news governor Newsom signed an executive order allowing the California occupational Safety and Health Standard boards new rules to take effect immediately. Under the approved draft, fully inoculated employees will not be required to physically distance anymore, or where a mask indoors unless they are in certain settings like on public transportation employers. Must verify and document their employees vaccination status. If they don't wear a mask, and they can't retaliate against those workers for doing so, unvaccinated employer employees will still need to wear a mask inside, among other rules, and employers must make approved respirators such as an N 95 mask available for unvaccinated workers if they request them. Orange County's economy is poised to make a comeback after taking it on the chin from the coronavirus pandemic. That's the upshot of the latest economic forecast from Chapman University. KCRW's Cherry Glazer has the details. Tourism is while the driving forces of Orange County's economy thanks to the areas, beautiful beaches, destination malls and shops and attractions like Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm. Leisure and hospitality took a big hit during the pandemic and employment in Orange County plunged almost 9% last year compared to about 7.5% for the state as a whole. As California moves ahead with reopening, though the number crunchers at Chapman University are predicting that about 100,000 jobs will be created an O. C by the end of this year, bringing the local workforce close to pre pandemic levels. A number of those jobs are coming in construction, thanks to a housing boom. Other local industries that are expected to see a burst in hiring include manufacturing, finance and professional services as KCRW's Terry Glaser reporting We have had record breaking temperatures all weekend. So Cal, But this morning we saw an unexpected spot of rain. Isolated showers were reported all over, including Orange County and the San Gabriel Valley. National Weather Service meteorologist Rich Thompson says it's actually not that unusual because this heat wave is caused by high pressure over the four corners in the Southwest. We have high pressure builder of that area. You get a Southeast flow loss, and sometimes the Southeast slow can bring in some moisture and bring in You know some showers and even a thunderstorm like we saw this morning. Well, don't worry, you won't need to pull out your umbrella again today. The surprise showers are said to be over, but the heat will most likely continue across the area through Saturday. Things will start cooling off as we get into early next week, but temperatures still going to be on the warm side. Support for NPR comes from Procter and Gamble, maker of Metamucil, the fiber supplement containing psyllium, a plant based fiber for trapping and removing waste in the digestive system designed to be taken every day more at Metamucil dot com. And C three A. I C three AI software enables organizations to use artificial intelligence at Enterprise scale solving previously unsolvable problems. C three A. I. This is enterprise. Ai right now. 73 degrees in Inglewood. It's 3 35. This is all things considered from NPR news. I'm Ari Shapiro and I'm Audie Cornish. As Covid 19 restrictions wind down in many countries around the world. Haiti is trying to ramp up for reasons that aren't clear the small Caribbean nation had escaped relatively unscathed by the pandemic. That is until now. The increase in cases and.

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