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And at Bloomberg quick take. This is Bloomberg radio. Illegal crossings at the U.S. southern border are hitting record highs. Customs and border protections set its stocked more than a quarter of a million migrants along the Mexican border in December. That's a 7% increase compared to November and reflects a 40% jump from December of 2021. It's the highest of any months since President Biden took office. The White House introduced new policy measures earlier this month, restricting asylum for many migrants. White House chief of staff, Ron klain, may be on his way out. The New York Times reports the veteran political consultants resignation would be the biggest staffing shake up the Biden administration has seen since taking over The White House two years ago. A search for his replacement is already reportedly underway, a formal announcement and the naming of claims replacement is not expected until after President Biden's State of the Union address on February 7th. Military officials are confirming the death of a former U.S. Navy seal in Ukraine. Scott Carr has more. Navy officials say it's unclear why former navy seal Daniel swift was in the Eastern European country, which continues fighting off a Russian invasion. Swift was last stationed in coronado, California, a special warfare operator who had been listed as an active deserter since 2019. Swift becomes the 6th American known to have died while reportedly fighting in Ukraine. Daytona Beach police say they're still negotiating with a woman who barricaded herself in a hospital room after shooting her terminally ill husband Saturday. Staff and patients near the room at advent health Daytona Beach have been evacuated despite it being determined she was not seen as a threat to staff or patients. It's currently unclear if the man shot was killed. Graceland is hosting a public memorial service for Lisa Marie Presley this weekend. The service for Elvis Presley's daughter will be held Sunday morning at the Memphis mansion. Presley will be buried at the side's meditation garden near Elvis, her son and Elvis parents, Presley died last week at the age of 54. I'm Julie Ryan. New York congressman George Santos is taking to social media to deny two new allegations against him. Navy veteran Richard aust is condemning Santos for the loss of his dog after Santos allegedly stole money he raised for the dog to get surgery. It's disgusting. It's horrible. Make sure you ashamed of him. Somebody doesn't have shame. He's a psychopath. The other allegation was about performing as a drag queen in Brazil. Santos tweeted the reports that I would let a dog die is shocking and insane. He added, these distractions won't stop me, despite his denials, Santos faces at least 5 different investigations and a criminal indictment or action by the House ethics committee could force him off any of his newly assigned committees, a new study shows recent fires in the Sierra Nevada forests in California are the wrong kind. Mad Madsen reports. Research from UC Davis shows rates of high severity fires have skyrocketed since before the Euro American settlement data shows locations considered mid to lower elevations saw its load of moderate severity rate from 90% dropped to around 60 to 70%. However, the high severity rate quintupled from below 10% to 43% and author of the study says the balance between good fire and bad fire is way off prescribed burns would be an example of a good fire, as it's used to treat forests rather than damage them. An Illinois judge is granting a temporary restraining order to keep a new gun control law from being enforced against hundreds of plaintiffs. Jim Forbes has the latest. About 800 lawsuits against the new ban on assault weapons in the state of Illinois were filed in state and federal courts. The law puts a limit on the sale of high capacity ammunition magazines and bans devices that allow semi-automatic weapons to fire rounds automatically. Those opposing the measures say it violates their Second Amendment rights, democratic governor JB pritzker remains confident the law will be upheld. I'm Julie Ryan. And I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg newsroom. Elon Musk said he will revamp the size and frequency of advertisements that appear on Twitter. There's as he plans to roll out a higher priced subscription model that allows for zero ads. Abbott labs says the U.S. Justice Department is investigating its infant formula plant in Michigan that was shut down for months last year due to contamination. The factory's closure in February of 2022 contributed to a nationwide baby formula shortage, an abbot spokesperson said the company is cooperating fully. Another weekend, another rally for Bitcoin, Bitcoin rallied ahead of celebrations for the lunar new year holiday throughout Asia, surging at the start of the weekend for a second straight time. It was up last weekend, too. The largest cryptocurrency rose about 4% today to over $23,000. Second largest ether advanced as well. This comes amid more predictions that the cryptocurrency market may have passed its lows. Commodity futures trading commission commissioner Christie goldsmith Romero tells Bloomberg she wants more power from the CFTC to control crypto. Yeah, so ultimately what I'm calling for is really like more comprehensive whole of government regulation, very similar to what we have with traditional finance, right? So it's going to be multiple government agencies involved that's going to have greater customer protections and stronger federal oversight. Ramiro was interviewed on Bloomberg technology. Forecasters now expect U.S. economic activity to contract over consecutive quarters in the middle of this year is as those steep interest rate hikes from the Federal Reserve are felt more broadly across the economy. More from Bloomberg's Charlie pellet. According to a Bloomberg survey of 73 economists conducted January 13th through the 18th, gross domestic product has seen falling at a 0.6% annualized rate in the second quarter and 0.3% in the third quarter as consumer spending stagnates business investment wanes and industrial production weakens. Forecasters put the probability of a recession over the next year at 65%. Charlie Bloomberg radio. It will be a big week ahead for earnings, even debit is chief investment officer at monitor group investments and here is what she is seeing. It's really interesting. One of the messages I definitely saw loud and clear last year was the telegraphing of bad news well in advance. So that's why we're not seeing those kind of negative earnings surprises that we thought we would. We see companies that are pretty clever. They're taking a leaf out of the fed's book in terms of really getting expectations managed, and then they can surprise on the upside. So that's what we're seeing around earnings. Global news, 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. I'm Susanna Palmer. This is Bloomberg.

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