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Pack of tickets a live a little bit later on this morning so stick around we're talking before the break about today is kind of the first step in the process about the potential legalization of marijuana here in new jersey and not only that how will this be regulated a settler a screw tori who was the bill sponsor says now is the time to begin shaping new jersey's recreational marijuana program will have a new governor next year we should be prepared to move forward with a program that ends the prohibition on marijuana and their treats our residents fairly humanely as i mentioned also in the last hour a chris chris the opposed completely opposed the legalizing marijuana six months of course left at his final terms our governor next governor to be chosen in november whether it's bill murphy you which supports legalisation kimbuba donald does not screw tori says he wants to be gin discussion now to build support among the colleagues in the legislature and also across the state is already succeeded in getting crucial support from leaders in both the senate and the assembly taken lawmakers on a tour of recreational marijuana shops in colorado meeting with law enforcement officials and government regulators last fall they learned that recreational marijuana has created nearly twenty nine thousand jobs to revitalise the economies of some struggling blue collar towns and has also reduced the number of drug possession arrest by about eighty percent a tax revenue for the state of colorado alone last year two hundred million dollars senate president steve sweeney says he was on board before they went to guess he took the trip the colorado i am absolutely sold of this industry can be regulated safe and wellmanaged colorado was done an amazing job we're going to have a new governor in january of twenty eighteen addition was the governor get situated we are all here and we in tend to move quickly on this based on the eve of visit to colorado decriminalize marijuana.

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