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We move into tomorrow with no breakthrough insight. President Trump is set to argue in a primetime address a crisis at the US Mexico border requires the wall, he is demanding before he'll end the partial government shutdown. The president's speech tonight will be followed by visit Thursday to the southern border. Democrats are demanding equal time to respond to the president's speech tonight. If the government shutdown drags on will your federal tax return be delayed. The White House says refunds will be processed on time. The IRS will likely call back thousands of workers. Process returns without pay your state refund. However may be delayed, and it has nothing to do with the federal shutdown as they have in past years say should officials say they need more time to verify returns and Patrick Lavery joins us live this morning to explain Patrick. That's right. Eric the state as usual is delaying income tax refunds until March. First so all data needed to validate tax returns is available. It's mainly concerned. If you're filing early turnaround time is anywhere from four to twelve weeks. It is not as some fear. So jersey can use your money for its purposes before cutting you a check when sure that it is the person that we are sending it to rather than somebody getting jump on their tax return. It's better to wait until we have much more concrete data systemically that we can do our matches with Meritas, Colorado with the New Jersey division of taxation says in the last six years, identity theft and tax payer refund fraud have spiked and so this is a safeguard against that the state's theory about your money being better late than never Eric. All right, Patrick. Thank you. Katie Brennan has officially filed a lawsuit against the state and Alvarez the fellow Phil Murphy campaign worker, she accused of rape. Several John does are also listed as defendants in the court filings. But it's believed many our top level Murphy staffers, and perhaps even the governor himself Brennan's claim she was ignored as she saw Justice from the Murphy administration of triggered legislative hearings into the hiring practices of the governor those hearings resume today Brennan is expected to testify again. It is an unimaginable scenario for any parent, your only child disappears and you're forced to wait for Justice. As jury selection begins today in the trial of Sarah, Stearns, alleged killer. It's the situation. Her father has been forced to live out for real is then nineteen year old daughter. I went missing just over three years ago. And her body was never found. The victim's father Michael stern says he is optimistic about the trial of alleged killer. Liam Mika task overwhelming amount of evidence. Of what happened? Plus, there's witnesses already pled guilty to participation the trial is expected to last about six weeks. And no matter the result. He does not expect to get full closure or it out my daughter. Only child. It's just hard to get any kind of closure. Matthew, white New Jersey one zero one point five news time jerseys Jersey's first news five ten new video shows are white SUV barreling down the street towards two women who were crossing the women try to run away. But they're mowed down the SUV which never slowed kept going to remain hospitalized. One in critical condition. It's unclear this morning of a school bus driver caught using video FaceTime, while she was driving kids still has a job, but she is no longer driving for highpoint schools a district where this happened that he posted by a parent shows, the female driver holding her cell phone and having a video chat while she was driving a school in Sussex county, a student actually took the video the bus company. DWP clarkin son has not said if the driver is still employed, we told you about the season sudden spike in influenza activity, New Jersey state health officials are pushing the panic button, but they are asking for your cooperation awake and a half ago influenza activity. The across the Garden State was only moderate, but Dr Sharieff alcohol Commissioner of the jersey department of health says that's no longer the case, we're at high levels of.

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