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All right. Thank you very much for listening. Joshi's off. And Emily is producing. Thank you, Emily. And of course, the governor Demetrius Stanley is joining us. Um, so let's see Grove City. You You have fireworks. I mean, do you take the fam? Do you do any of that stuff we used to do? We would go down to red, white and boom and take the whole family and sit down. Sit there for a couple hours and then watch the fireworks. So you'd watch Red White moon from downtown? Yeah. Okay. Absolutely. Yeah, that is a and you would go down. How did you even well? Yeah, I guess it depends when you go. Was that an all day? No, you probably wouldn't go down. Well, we can go down a couple hours before than park on the outskirts and then walk in, then walk out, right? Um there's all kinds of fireworks as we know and parades and stuff. Will you do something in your area? Yeah, We were probably doing Westerville, okay? Because it looks like Uh huh. Yeah. Westerville. Um, well, Grove City is one of a lot of community starting off before the July holiday with the fireworks display and that says tonight at dusk, so they're doing that tonight. Grove City is, um Grove City. Buckeye Lake Granville Pick ringtone. Reynoldsburg and Whitehall will be treated to fireworks tonight. So that's going on. Wow. Tonight, okay? I just kind of glanced at this before we went on. And now I'm like wild tonight. They're doing some think about this. You can watch fireworks every night for the next three nights, and it doesn't necessarily have to be your drunk neighbor doing it. I mean, an actual actual fireworks that are sanctioned if you will. Um, fireworks on Saturday include you say It's uh Bucyrus Dublin. Hilliard, Marion County, New Albany. Oh, strand, er Patasse, Kayla, some very Waverly in Western built so that Western Bill will be on Saturday Night. D just so you know, Uh, Sunday night On the Fourth of July. Um, there's a there's Asheville and Bexley Chillicothe E. Delaware's doing there's in my hood. Mount Vernon, New Lex Piketon Plain City, Upper Arlington and Worthington doing, um, on July 4th Man. Just pick a night start tonight and go to there's so many different places. You can go and see all these, but, um I love it, Man. I love I love a good fireworks display. And then you know, typically if you're in those areas prior to the the fireworks display, usually there's like parades and stuff going on to that dude operate. Yeah. Wife brought that up. Yeah, the doodah doodah. Yeah. You go into that. No. Okay. Once you bring it up for she goes. She just wanted to do something like, you know, and the do that? I guess she found the dude operate, and but I just I feel like going downtown. It's just too hectic sometimes. And as I get older, it just not as appealing as it used to be. And you've been hit with the old man thing. Yeah, bad. It's bad. Now. I'd rather sit at home on my couch with my family. You just knocked your cane over. Man picked that up. I'm okay with it. Your ABC six first warning. Weather and forecaster Caroline Cohen is joining us now. And, uh, so it looks like, Well, I don't want to throw you off. I was going to ask you about Elsa. I don't know how much you know about Elsa any or do we want to? Just so I was just looking at it. Cool. People in the newsroom wanted to know about Elsa. So look at you already known what we're talking about. So The National Hurricane Center. They do updates throughout the day, not every hour, but the A damn update also had strength into a hurricane, the first of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season. So of course we see that big cone, you know, on the projection of how how fast it's moving, where it's moving. And there's still some caution. So while we're seeing it, you know, go through the Caribbean over the weekend, and then potentially the keys Florida Keys in the Panhandle by early next week. There is still a lot of time for that to change, but right now, Category one wins 85 MPH moving about 29 MPH. So that definitely something we're going to keep an eye on. If you have friends down there. Don't stay married to this track yet, but I would encourage them to keep updated. Continue to look in the coming days. All right. Very good. Thank you. Caroline appreciated it is Is 73.

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