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When you want the ability to adjust your loan option in really time rocket can I rocketed all over the country with my clicker today watching some pretty good college football, some surprising college football. We'll talk about all that with our next guest. He's hopped down with me before and let's um very good college insight to our show from the Orlando Sentinel, their main power football writer. Matt Murschel joins Sarah or Matt. Michelle joins us here on CBS Portray Dio. How are you Mad? Good. How you doing today? Can't complain all you can't believe you know what I got on my big TV right now. What's that Snoop Daddy? Snoop Dog talking into his shell phone. So he's talking to a show and I'm talking to a cow mind would be Matt Murschel. His would be walking on some nice beach out on. I'm not near a school, a snoop dog, but I think you're doing well in comparison to the shell that snoop is talking to, But we appreciate you talking to us for the next couple of minutes here. At any point today in the Clemson. BC game Did you say, Oh, man, this could kill Clemson's chances at a national championship. You know, I think in the first half, you know, just because the fact that defense The company didn't live. Play up the potential. You know, they were at one point. You know, when you look at the score, you know, I think it was 28 of 13. Att. The half and he starts to wonder, you know, is going to be the game that really, you know, knock Clinton out of the unbeaten rags. And kind of throws the properly throws the college football playoff for Luke. And But what have we seen from this tag team time about again is they continue to find ways to win games? Then we saw that with, you know, deejay, Aleta. You know what way? Well, Oh, you've got to do that for me again because I refused to even try at the top of the show. I said, I'm just calling d J u Forever. I call Johnny United Strategy you so I can call his new kid in Clemson. The next star to be in a couple of years. Deejay you please give us his last name again as best you can try. Yes to a Aga Aga so and he had a he had a solid performance began before his first start with Trevor Laurence being out with that code positive covered. So again, you know, in the second half of this game Clinton Father way to win games, and now they find themselves in a group with a big match up next week, and I get no today and that can really kind of shape The idiot and the playoffs as well. Let's go in another quarterback who I couldn't pronounce her pronounced 27 different ways. During his time on Lee. It was his older brother, who's going to start for the Dolphins on Sunday, but to his little brother, Mr Tung Cavallo in Maryland transfer looked okay today. He did nothing in Maryland's opener, and today goes for 400. How do you see so rapidly changing one week's time? Well, you know, I just think, you know, concerned the fact that the big 10 no had really had much lead up going into this game going into the game last week against Northwestern Maryland. You know, the big jump from week one. The weak to was just evident. I think you saw Ah lot better performance. I think you saw no man get an opportunity to Showcased in this offense, and I think you saw two legs together. Lola really step up and kind of embraced the offense and really took advantage of it. And this is a big step back from Minnesota. Minnesota came in to see them. People thought this was a team that possibly could contend in the West for the big guns. They lose in the first two games, the Michigan and Maryland and that you gotta wonder where they're going to wind up at the end of the season, and Maryland got a big win, and when Dick and maybe help springboard them a little bit. As they moved toward the season. Not gonna be easy, though. They've got Penn State next week, and they've got a house it after that, so it's going to be difficult path, but it was a big win. Definitely an overtime win Minnesota. If there was that big a leap from week one week, too, will see to continue it. Week three and weak for again significant upgrades in talent. You mentioned Maryland and what they're playing for this year. Other than the four teams that are gonna make the college football playoffs. Are there even gonna be bowls? Is it just going to be the race before? That's usually what it is, but you got bowl bids as consolation prizes. We know the couch for playoff will include a couple of the ball game, but are there going to be any other ball games this season? Yeah. Yeah, there's going to be will be reduced and we started out with 42 it before all the Kobe pandemic happened down to 36th right now, But you know, that's a lot. You know what I mean again. You know, there will be some teams left out of this, but When you look at everything going on there was there was talk that we, You know, we may not even get half that defending all of going on Now. I still think there's gonna be some challenges for a lot of these old games because they have to figure out whether or not they can have fans in the stands whether or not you know they're gonna be ableto have teams come down. Or extended period of time. Some of these ballgames used to D'oh Ah whole week lead up into their games more unlikely, probably gonna be within a day or two, so there's challenges there and they're going to financial challenges. Not just for the games, but for the community that housed the games as well because you're not gonna have many fans, but it's going to be interesting, and I think it's definitely it's something that a lot of the teams are probably going to be looking forward to, depending on how their seasons go..

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