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Which is just just concentrate on other stuff. I'm sorry. Is there a bunch of underwater UFOs doing like 10,000? Miles an hours something Maybe NASA should be working with that. That's what they want you to believe it's just the distraction. Yeah. To distraction. That's it. Russia's state is not even the craziest thing that's being alleged. Have you? Are you guys familiar with the Are you familiar with the the the futuristic Nazi coin multiverse thing going on right now? I've heard about this for a while. Yeah, of course you are. But, you know, I'm very familiar with it. Yeah. All right. So there's a guy whose name is Diego. Uh, the obvious Who in 2018 says he discovered a coin. That contains Nazi symbolism. It Zob Vesely kind of busted but you could see the Nazi cross on there. You see a swastika. The eagle and which, what's crazy about this? Is the coin also is is dated 2039. So it's a Nazi coin from the future. And then, of course, then it turns into a a multi or parallel universe, of course, and that's why they found this coin down there in South America, and we're putting. You know the doing the math here and it looks like The only our comms razor Ramon explanation is that there's an alternative universe in the future where the Nazis won. So it's literally makes a documentary out of man and high castle. Right? Because, honor, it's got the What is it? The German? What? Bernice is an eagle. Yeah, like holding a Nazi the swastika and then it has it in what is it is in Spanish. It says New Germany on it. The translations New Germany. Yes, so in in in it, it says the Web a Ella Salmaniya, which translates to New Germany. So that we go. That's all the proof you need, right? Obvious. Obviously, obviously parallel universe and by the way, the coin word stamp what the date is really hard to read. He could barely make out the two and some people are saying, Why would there be any sort of German coins at all, in like South America in that area makes it that's a fair point. Yeah, there's Was really because it is like coins float, so I don't know how that we've got over here from Germany in South America. To be later found with an MBA with they clearly readable New Germany stamped upon it. Absolutely all right. 8889 3/4 see, That's why you come to this show. First we get into an astronaut argument. I'm very curious What you think 8889347874. But then we're able to also fill you in on this groundbreaking discovery of a future Nazi coin from a mold from the multi verse That a South American farmer found so. You're welcome, because I don't feel that anyone is working as hard to give you as broad spectrum of reliable stories as we are. So, uh, just ponder that we'll get to your calls and first we get to race stages from the weather Channel. What's up, man? How much Casey? How are you? Yeah, You know,.

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