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Song by them. So three. Yes. But Linger was there I hit yeah. Three three bureau master. I like it. It's got a good taste to it the New England style. Is a great take on the IP say every time we do it because it does that bitterness in there. What makes you the hazy IPO it's the style. I'm. Not. Doing. At the time. But. This is a good one. It's got good flavor to it had an eight point, two percent Ab. That explains it. So the cans amazing Mike. Like Chris added to total six on the label. Yeah. Definitely. But overall I don't think I could drink six of them just because of the stuff like that. So I have to give it a four just like Chris to great beer and the reason is not getting a six is because I know I really should not drink six of them. Thought when it was explained to me, it wasn't about how many should drink. It's about how many you could drink trying to be responsible Laura. It's a I. Yeah. Why I'm newfound responsibility out like it. So. All right. Final up to a five. Thank you. So I'll give it a five. Out of peer pressure because probably really could drink five but yeah, really good. I like it. It's great cans. Awesome. One of the few times the can and the beer matching and this cloud shoes people. It seems the fancier the label, the worst the beer, and I'm wondering if that is on purpose, you know what that really could be a great marketing strategy make the label look. Amazing. So people go. Oh Wow, look at this. I like this style of beer wine whatever it is. Now let me try it this labels amazing, and then you just go the best part about this was the label but this delivers on both my question though to that. So your statement on how the better label spear, why would a company put out something? They didn't think was good because it takes forever to brew it and what are you GonNa do with all this beer This bashing come out the way we had hoped. All right. Give it a really good label to make up for the fact that the beer turned out. Horribly I'm thinking that's true if not putting in a pbr can't nobody will know the difference because it here's piers take two to whatever month or two. Three months I thought was I wanNA say like depending on the style too. So sometimes, it takes longer than others, but it's probably I'd say two three months and it's not like wine or hard liquor no no not as long. But you you do your brewing like huge economic batches of this stuff not like just making a court t for home. And make a gallon of sweet he not court don't know who you thought. I'm saying is your Bruin a lot at a time thinking about how many breweries that Budweiser has across country. In in itself. So just even a smaller brewery still has to brew two months a lot wanted to. Only a couple months that sucked guy on average about four weeks is usually the least time. Yeah wait. But yeah, I was saying I thought it was like three months most but like one to two months but it really does depend on the style and what you're trying to run with the beer because I some from goose island that they brewed in Bourbon barrels that have right now and it's constantly aging. So it changes like you know the flavor it tells you when you drink it by right. So there is a toll expiration date on their for where you won't get that full flavor right but they give you like a year almost to do that. And I have two bottles that I'm just letting sit and age a little more, right? Yes. Have to store it properly to. Drink on don't think people realize that. Like if you get beer called, you can't keep it out of the fridge, right? Because it's got skunk it. So if you get your cold, you put it right back in the fridge. So some people don't do that, and then you just go off man this is not good. All Right Sabrina. What's the details? You can find us on facebook under our facebook official facebook podcast forty, two page You can give us a phone call in call us give us any show suggestions anything like that. Our phone number.

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