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TVN. Was talking about Robert Francis O'Rourke. I call him Robert Francis. Because they went to Ivy league schools, and he was Robert Francis. But as soon as he lived in El Paso, Texas, which is a predominant Hispanic area. He changed his first name Tobago. An order to have Finnity with the Spanish people. So he was he was wide wide. Tell wasp going to Columbia. He was Robert Francis. Iraq, one it was convenient to change his first name. He changed the debate. Oh, and of course, he's a white male. I want you to listen to a Mon tage of what CNN did kind of introduce Robert Francis O'Rourke to their viewers now at this point being white is bad you, and I would have to concede to that that somehow white privilege white guilt is something all we white guys have got to feel and so CNN the network of Michael Brown. The network of police violence the network of riots wanted to introduce through viewers to Robert Francis. O'rourke? By the head to do it in a way to talk about is race in his gender, hit it. This is seen as a moment by some where Democrats wanna nominate either a woman are minority work is neither of those things or work as a white male something that's very evident to everyone in that is that he's a white, man. He's also white male, and he's conscious of his white male. This. They may not be open to another white male and other white male another white male a lot of the energy in the party right now is not for a white man vulnerability is running as a white, man. White male being a white man something he can't change being a white, man. Who says I'm I was born to do this gosh, you know, to say that it just sort of drips of of white privilege, Ed or working benefited from white privilege. One of the big debates is whether twenty twenty is the year of the white, man. He can't get over the fact that he's a white, man. So he just has to accept that not the right time for a white man to run for the presidency is a white, man. The right guy to you know, to be the next nominee. There's. Still an issue in this country where people just get very very excited about white man seems very self aware of his perceived weaknesses. In this case, you know, the fact that he's a white male. You get the idea that Robert Francis O'Rourke is what he's a white male. Really? Now. That's a news breaking story right there. Of course, the last time the Democratic Party nominated a white male was in twenty four John Kerry since then they've nominated no white males. But it's not time for a white male. Even though it's been what almost sixteen years since they had a white male heading the ticket. But by the way, tater is Robert Francis orcas here, white male. I'm not sure maybe he's not I think he's a white male basically every CNN commentator. None of them were reporters saying such things were white. There were one or two African Americans in there. But mainly white reporters are blaming Robert Francis or Rourke for being a white male as if that's a negative. That's not good being white is bad. Black is good white is bad. According to CNN, they kept drilling home the point that guess what? Robert Francis O'Rourke is a white male. And that's a problem. So what message does that send a white males that your gender and your race is a problem at CNN, isn't that the definition of racism this siding, something based upon a person's race or sexism gender, isn't that the per se definition of racism and sexism to have pejorative negative terms about someone because of the race and gender. Could they say the same thing about Kamala Harris who slept away? The top with Willie Brown. I counted out that and by the way, Kamala Harris, complain about Mike Pence, the vice president stating that he did not has a practice have meetings dinners alone with females because of the fear of sexual harassment charges when she slept her way to the top of California politics by having private dinners were they married black guy named Willie Brown, but I redressed I regress a little bit to get the idea that being a white male is a problem at CNN because he has a white male as, you know, beta Iraq drips with white privilege because he has a white male, and it's a white male. There's some impediment to future because he's white, and he's a male, according to CNN being white male is not good something's wrong with you. I assume you can't change that maybe you can change gender very popular today. But I doubt it can change his race. Maybe he could self identify as a black female if object Robert. Francis Rourke would self identify is a black female would that work and today's world probably would. But it looks like a white male. But maybe he's not a white male. Of course, he was a rich white guy until he moved El Paso, Texas, and it became Beethoven because you wanted to curry favor with Hispanic voter. So let's continue as we do. We have Julian Joe and Jim Joel with two lines open at one eight six six six four seven seven three three seven. Plus when we continue to briefly deal with a story held by Reuters for one year, very very negative about Robert Francis. O'rourke who wrote about fantasizing about killing children? He said, quote is I near the young ones. I'll put my weight on my right foot, keeping their celebrator pedal on the floor until I heard the crashing of the two kids bodies on the hood than the sharp cry of pain from one of the two, unquote. This guy is a freak something's wrong with Rourke who fantasizes and writes about the killing.

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