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Hey this is something that has been important to us. But maybe we haven't clearly articulated our goals and what we wanna accomplish as it relates to diversity equity and inclusion and what we wanna do internally or parker and and then how can impact the communities that were part of and so we created our racial equity strategy that has ten pillars and Has very clear goals around what we wanna accomplish. Whether that is increasing representation within where parker not just overall but within our senior levels and management levels to provide trainings for our team internally or to think about the ways that we can impact the greater the broader communities that we were a part of that including the optometry community and and One pretty shocking stat. Is that only two point seven percent of optometrist's in this country identifies black And we know that optometry is a great profession and There is no reason for that disparity Relative to the overall makeup of the country and so We were talking with our personnel and and thinking through ways that we could help address adan and In this was right after netco had signed onto the thirteen percent. promise thanks to black perspective and We talked about cable. What's the easiest way that we can ensure that there are more black optometry students and greed that the best way to provide full scholarships to students. And so we. We kicked that off last year and a half. A couple of great optometry students at nikko through that scholarship in We've recently expanded that to cover additional students in so We're excited to be able to do our part to ensure that their students who are getting that grade education from netco were A recruiting teams all spending time At a lot of historically black colleges and universities through career fairs Educating students on the fact that optometry is a great profession and Making sure that our recruiting efforts in education efforts Help a drum of interest for different career paths Within the world now is great work and you know when you put when you put money where your mouth is. You know that speaks volumes and i know you know dr howard cosell personally as you do and he told me straight up you know the Mono of students color the black hispanic it jumped quite a bit and is because you know he understands the importance of diversity and yeah that number two point seven three percent. I mean it's been flat for quite a bit of time. In regards to the amount of optometry students entering optometry school and to have optometrist's even lower mean. That's that's bad you know. The thirteen percent promised for those that are unfamiliar with. It is something that myself. Dr adam ramsey created over at black hair perspective and whole goal was to really make sure that the care industry reflects the us census and at the time is around thirteen point. Two thirteen point four percent of blacks that were in the united states. So we wanted to see that in. I care we wanted to see that With the students. We wanted to see that with Optometrist we wanted to see that with Leadership positions for positions even eyewear.

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