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What do you think. What do you think latavius ends up or do you have any. I'm going to start with tony jones. Congratulations to him. Working your way up from an undrafted free agent to being in this position which the backup saints running back. That's a good position to be in We've seen have success for fantasy football we've seen have success for real life football latavius murray got He got done kind of dirty here pulling up at the last second to say. Hey man if you want to be on this roster we're gonna need to take a pay cut even though the season starts this weekend but tony jones interesting. He should have a six bench league. Tony jones should probably be picked up in the chance that he has standalone value. He's not just He might not just be a backup running back one one hundred percent. I mean tony. Jones is an undrafted. Jim this is a guy that is on your waiver wires right now. If you've already finished your drafts And he should probably be picked up by half of the teams in your league. Probably have a player worse on your bench. Then tony jumped because this is this is a team that has dominated total fantasy points at the running back position for the last decade. And they're going to need that more than ever latavius murray You know had spot starts last year where he was good and and the truth is the he was cut because of what they saw out of this undrafted rookie running back coming. He's he's he has juice. He looked really good in preseason. I remember a play where he was running away from defenders. This was early in the game. First stringers and i was like wow. He was i. I wasn't even sure who it was at first And then i found the name and the ball started rolling and now they cut latavius so i think he has value the season even redraft not just dynasty under after free agent challenge. Would you rather have tony brooks junior or tie saen well johnny jones junior. What did i say you brooks again. You gotta tony brooks problem. Who is who is this. Tonal i keep saying tony brooks jones. I swear. I read that somewhere at some point in time. That was part of his name at some point and then has been removed brooks urine authority on this name. Do you know where this game. Prop there is a tony brooks james though as a running back in college. I don't know. If somehow that is i am i am crossing those i and of course the incredibly famous tony brooks race car. Driver fra who had british do. The grand prix is back in the fifties. That who you're talking about. Let me return to the question. would you rather you're putting in a bid this morning are you signing tyson. Who's going to back up. Gus edwards undrafted free agent on a great rushing attack. Or are you signing tony jones. Junior undrafted free agent on a great rushing attack backing up alvin kamara. I mean obviously camaro is the more proven starter of the two right. But where are you putting your. I mean jason right. They very very similar comps. I'm gonna go with the team. That i think is going to run the ball. More in the rich is is the ravens. I so that would be a tie. Ceann williams williams. I was lot him just slightly ahead of tony. John's but if you're putting the claims in our. I don't mind double up. Yeah i would put claiming for both of them. All right. moving on level was added to the ravens. Practice squad the original report. Like i said was that he's gonna be brought up to the regular roster assuming they don't sign somebody else but Bell don't care. I mean peter schwartz meet that people care p. This is a big name. This is a fantasy superstar of yesteryear and people see love bell signing in replacement of an important fantasy asset. This is worthless. do not pick up love. Bell do not play love bell. Do not make a waiver claim online. Bell he will he will let you all down. Do you remember when devante freeman bounced between different teams with the big name. I mean love bells at this stage of his career where he was giving a humongous opportunity. Esi was with the kansas city chiefs offense and did nothing with it and showed nothing on the field. That made you go. Oh boy. I wish they gave him more opportunity. Know what happened over. The course of the year was andy. Reid was like mandera. Williams needs to get in there more than love bell and while he produced for fantasy for the jets in two thousand nineteen that was just an overwhelming amount of volume. He wasn't wasn't good. He wasn't efficient. He just was there number one guy that they paid a whole bunch of money to so they were going to force feed him. The ball left bell hasn't been good for fantasy football since two thousand seventeen. Yeah so don't do anything about it. Ignore it we taken out of the news. Cut this all out. No it needs to be in here so we could tell. People don't prioritize adding levy on bell all right. Josh jacobs was absent from a second straight practice on tuesday however however he will return now. Why does this report say. He isn't expected to return the field to the field on thursday. It says as an executive until until i'm sorry. Yeah he is supposed to be back on thursday. I don't know what to make of this report. People close to the team. Make me believe it's not a big deal. This sounds like it is probably a personal off the field reasons especially if he's going to be gone until thursday and it's currently wednesday so an injured player the report would be. We'll let see if he gets out there in practices so he was named a team captain last week. Along with darren waller as well. I am a little bit worried..

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