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Back talking two thousand twenty one. Mba draft. i'm with espn's friend for shila we're talking about international prospects and we started talking about some international prospects that actually have been playing here in the united states college basketball convenient in the g. league now we're going to start talking about some international prospects playing overseas right now. Let's talk about the guy who's the highest rank guy on my board. Though it's close josh giddy out of australia. Big point guard point forward exceptional feel for the game. Toughest nails actually having a pretty productive season as an eighteen year old in australian league. What do you think about his pro prospects. I like them. Like i like the big point. Doored stuff he really sees the floor. He's you know he's well coached. I hate to say it this way but those kids are probably going to get better. Coaching than college. Coaches give a college kid. 'cause he's around men pick and roll in in in australia. Chad just like your is really important to an nba. Point guard so he josh has that and that and that is to see over people And again kudos to josh for having a great year as a as an eighteen year old and a man's leaks. I'm one of those people now. My boss. I have a lot of australian friends. Who probably gonna listen to this. I don't think the australian league as is as good as everybody makes it out to be not to say that lamelo ball can't be rookie of the year which he was this week. Here's my thing with josh. Gotta shoot it better. That's a big concern for me. Is that you know you. And i will read the euro camp to mention euro camp again when we had the youngest player to ever come to that camp and i think he was fifteen or sixteen. Tomasa taransky yeah. You remember when yeah doors. And he was very excited about him. We were all excited to see two sixteen year old kid play play at the euro camp and hey he's in the nba in eighteen minutes a game now. But i worry about josh long-term if the shot doesn't come around because then. I think you've got a big point guard who people can go under screens. Playoff of but and again. He's a kid that i'm not sure if he's taken eighth thirteen fifty in that range that's going to automatically step into your rotation. I think you're going to nurture him. He needs to take a step. That is not necessarily a lot of cry level and be a minute so you might see him jumping back and forth but hey at six eight seized the floor. Great feel tough kid. Basketball background family background in this draft. It's good it's a. It's a good pick that you know i would say ten to eighteen range. Yeah like ricky rubio another great example of a of a fee nom who was an afi nominee nba because of that lack of a of a killer jump shot. It's obviously a concern. He's young and you know there's things that you can teach things you can't teach the way he sees the game at his age can't teach that shots do get better for some prospects. Yeah and you know a lot of people throughout ben simmons and say you know. What is this obsession with. Big point guards of can't shoot. Ben simmons actually think ben simmons in some ways is an outlier in that not only has he not gotten better but in certain ways he's kind of regressed at on on on the shot and i don't think it's fair to just point and by the way ben simmons is still very valuable. Nba player because he's whether top five defenders in the in the game and that that's going to get you something but you know that's that's the question for me for me off the jump shot. And he's not. He's not an elite athlete agreed. Agreed i wanna compare to you. Know you're we have a lot of mba you'll at you have a lot of mba with saying to santa ronchi. Who is that why you know. He plays eighteen minutes a game for the chicago bulls. He's been illegal. But you know. Full maas always had that stigma of having a really good feel for the game at six seven but not being able to keep a defense on. So josh josh can do that. I and again. We can't expect a kid like this. I don't care if you played at duke this year or play it australia to come in right away. Take the league by storm but at six eight great field with the game. There's a lot to work with their no question about it all right. Let's talk about opera singer. Yeah is probably one of the most divisive prospects of this raft. He's putting up monster yonkers in turkey and a really good league as an eighteen year old. You can't ignore that John hollinger's pointed out that if you look at the history of players that are that successful in europe at that age none of them wash out in the nba. It's it's a it's a telltale sign when you're able to do that at that high of a level but there are questions about how his game translates to the modern nba where teams want bigs that can stretch the floor. Teams switchable bigs. That can go out and guard on the perimeter. Worse sin goon for the most part right now is playing a more traditional center role. I'm at turkey though. There's there's clearly some potential there for that to be a bigger part of his game. What do you think about ultimately his mba prospects. Well i thought john holliman what was into your podcasts. At john really broke down. Well go back and listen to that. That podcast with john gotti really nailed it. You know. it's funny. When i first started hearing about this kid started watching him jet. I thought what everybody else thought. I said there's no way is translates to delete. This is back in the fall. The more i watch the more. I pay attention to more. I see some things that he does. That are gonna work in the league. You take nick bucci. Who's now a two time all star. Who is really a load inside And he comes to mind. Obviously and his canter chris at a turkish background I totally i think he's gonna make it. I think he's going to be. I think he should go higher than a lot of people have him. I don't know where you have him. But i kinda board right now in my head he would be inside my top ten and one of the things. Here's my tiebreaker chat. I been doing this for fifteen years whenever. I'm not sure about a guy like this. I figure out who my contacts are my former player contacts. I did this with casey. Shaw and devon booker's dad about gallon are years ago because they were on the same milano team. I called ca. I call kyle wilshire. I've talked to a motte 'em by who played at oklahoma. My son was his best man and now is a star and a turkish league and is going to start with the french. Olympic team will be the only non mba starter. Both of those guys. I talked to mont last night. He said he calls me coach. He's a coach. He is way stronger than you realize. He said he is a monster inside physically. And those guys bolting. He will translate to the league high. The i gotta think the analytics are off the chart on him. They're off the chart. Yeah i got it and what he's done to your point and john's point in that league which could be the second best week. After spain in europe domestically is..

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