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Jeff semi chu hits in twenty five atbats of course last night when the got the big hit of the game the threerun double urban santana had added no hits for three years anything's possible so margie who often puts out of shali take batting practice enormous enormously strong and swingset mrs here at a fastball away strike one giants one twins nothing in the last of the second granted belgian home run the children autobody giants hit of the game so far listen to the pregame show monitor tomorrow to see if it's elected as the head of the week presented by children auto body the bay area leader in collision repair on swing samardi it's a high pop up the second baseman does you were on the edge of the outfield grass now angles back just a little bit and makes the catch in the shallow outfield one man left with a judge me head to the third inning and the the former giant airway adriano show will be coming up one that up in the giants are leading on the cambior northern california honda dealers radio network calling all dad's the golf mark knows what you really want for father's day new golf jeered dig up the bush now tour v4 shift pro x two or the nieto ion g s p watch now each fifty dollars off score two dozen wilson duo golf balls for just thirty.

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