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They are already doing patient care so they know that they love that. And what are they looking for to propel themselves to this other level rate so you want it to be deeper than i want to make more money and be called dr so Men and i have had you know so. Just be prepared for that question. And i'm sure that you have an answer. But i think he would be foolish if you are a pta candidate it. You didn't say that you were going to get asked that in an interview. Yeah that's great art last. I want to bring up a bad podcast host and bring up something. We've got you know a member of the board of directors here. We've got to bring a tie everything to our professional organization How can an applicant demonstrate a pta core values and. This is kind of like a tip like maybe you should bring that up right. How could it happen. Best demonstrate some ap core values through their application any suggestions that you guys would do there absolutely. I mean first of all. Learn what those are. What are the core values of the ap on the website. Look it up and find out what those core values are then you can see one of. Them's accountability. We talked a lot about that already. In how're you accountable. To get your information in two kassar into our centralized application systems. Pt cast but into the program that you're applying to you. Get it in on time. You have everything there. So that's part of the accountability piece but we also have some things that you'll see with altruism. Okay so awesome is how are you looking for helping the other more so than yourself at different points in time that can come across in your resume or can come across and what you write in an essay or or what you present an interview so if you walk down through each of those areas of the ap ta core values and then look at your application and say how does this apply. But how does this apply to it because these are the core values of our profession that we all try to live by as we move through our profession as as physical therapists. So i think it's a good thing to use that as a sort of a guide for you and how you're putting it in there and what's that telling your admissions committee no wasted words right. Wasted space. No wasted opportunity in terms of questions sometimes. There's an essay question but tying those core values in Any any different ways that you guys would want to chime in on sky lori about bringing those core apa values. Smart move right. If you're thinking about it is your is your governing body of of your profession..

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