James, Joe Locke, Roseanne Barr discussed on Railroad Underground


Yeah around the world and see formation who how about that so tell us what's coming up on tomorrow's joe locke show on tomorrow we're gonna be talking about of course we're gonna be debating about this amount to be roseanne barr issue that we that's been going on i have a comedian comedian we'll see is going to be coming out he starred in the martin family and becoming onto the show tomorrow i'm talking with him so you know talking about what's going on in the news with the team tomorrow debate and stuff because what i think what people are realizing what some out the be and what roseanne barr did michael two women truly going against the grain going against each other i'm definitely going to get deep into that tomorrow and also the miss your question is it worse when these things come from women because when when women have enough have have issues throughout history of trying to be accepted number one there was a time in this country that women couldn't even vote and they were together but some way somehow now they'll allow either their religion or their politics or ideology let me let me let me be completely chauvinistic here for a minute and james allowed to have your thoughts on this as well most of us would consider ourselves alpha males we expect women to be and i'm saying this respectfully by the way softer gentler nurturing caring patient doting loving i'll go so far as to say pure when may tweet stuff like that out particularly when is addressed at one another does that violate or challenge our assumptions about the way they should behave.

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