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I'm impressed, Michael. George Gobel and Johnny. Wow. I've got a great church of global story. Maybe I'll tell you another time. He always made me laugh because he was just so quiet and sincere. Yeah. So anyway, I have this USB attached drive. I got the plex server working. I've got several TVs, fire sticks and Roku's. Everything is visible. Very well done. Yeah. The issue I have, though, is trying to get it visible as a drive on my network. And I do do my research SMB was the way to go. Got all these error messages and finally I just gave up, like literally I gave about a year ago, but I'm trying to figure and I can use something like VNC to remote into the but what you want to make it easy to put media onto your external drive. My network, yeah. Yeah, I mean, of course, because it's a USB drive you could just unplugging it in place. That would by far be the fastest, even if you had a network access. But it's inconvenient. You have to unplug and plug it back in again. I understand that. So what is the operating system you're running Linux, raspbian? It's a resume. Raspberry three point something, I think. So you have to make sure that the operating system has SMB enabled, obviously. Actually, you might look at there are other file systems network file systems like NFS and sifts that might be a little easier to implement. This is why people get, by the way, and you're quickly realizing this network attached storage like a sonata. The footprint would not have worked in the location. I don't have it wired. Raspberry Pi isn't very powerful, so that means the transcoding that goes on in plex is not going to be very good. It works fine. But if you have the movies in the format you want, and plex is a great media server. As a shared address. So I don't remember offhand how to turn all of this stuff on. I think you're going to use sifts CI FS, which is the common Internet file system. It's basically SMB. SMB is Microsoft's samba. There's server message block. It's from land manager. It's an old school way of networking. But it's become the lingua franca for talking to these devices. Then you'll need using a Windows machine to Mac. So if you're using a Mac, you in fact may want to use the apple file system. Apple also has a network file system. That may be better for this. I mean, apple's absolutely do sifts and NFS. That's an interesting question. I don't have a lot of experience on mounting network drives. Across a network, but I have a feeling there's another thing that you might want to. Short answer. I totally get that. Don't have a good answer. Maybe somebody listening will know, what's the best way if you have raspbian, which is a debian Linux running on the Raspberry Pi. What should he do to turn on network services so that he can mount that external drive and see it on his Macintosh somewhere else in the house? No, I appreciate that and everybody out there listening. Quickly, I know a rod was just on and Fred ward passed away the other day from who played Gus Grissom in the right. So great in the right stuff. I went back and watched that last scene.

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