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Sir t l w is on you have found the place where we talk about all things Nascar my name is Kerry Murphy Longtime Nascar Media Member and syndicated it just wasn't viable to keep going definitely made the most of it so how true is it once you get your first win it seems like the other ones come easier how true is that adage that once you guys I know guys that I don't put in certain situations and there's other guys that I have complete confidence in their driving a truck and you can tell if they're loose right you don't want to get on the recorder panel because they're going to spin out and take them both GonNa crash so somebody's lose yeah definitely don't want to put them in a any worse spot because they're already hanging on the trucks have been clean air were wide open around the track and it's just it's just tough soon as you lose grip the Delta from from having all the grip being wide open to lifting a little bit is Hugh Asian that's where you get these big wrecks so yeah I don't I don't I don't try to put any bad situation but I try to be aggressive in may put myself in the best situation victor a few victories now what's your favorite victory lane celebration so far may you can't beat Daytona I mean we wanted extended racist Daytona and and let forty nine of one hundred laps and and dominated you know we missed two blocks all night and just it's not a take a true driver traditional oval track lifting in the corner and accelerating and getting your race car to handle but the a different kind of race craft and we were the best at night you know we may go back and crash on lap too but everything that we did that night was was the right thing miss two blocks like I said so that was my home track growing up there in homestead about about the same distance apart from either one and grew up going to that July race every summer for it to be the final fourth of July weekend race and we sat through all those rain delays growing up as a kid and that'd be the only kid left in our group still awake when they finally ran the Bush race back then in a nationwide so man it's just it was just incredible in the that was the biggest crowd reaction that I've got When I smash the watermelons are finished nine news Dang Florida people in crazy and now it was awesome to hear you mentioned two blocks do you break up all the races like that and segments like that certain things stick out the really the really really good things stick out there really good moves and in the really bad news those are two of them were I don't want them we couldn't anything we would've crashed food or tried to block tyler rettig come up with a huge run down in turn three and I'm actually a little fuzzy on the other one but I just know there was they wanted and so you just remember the bad things and good things and and but then our for struggling was obviously you know big step if I've been running in the series two thousand eleven and never ever gotten the job done so it put a lot of confidence into myself in this whole team what was the experience like just going through the tunnel and getting into Indianapolis Motor away with the the prestige and the history place yeah it is it's I mean I didn't I grew up a casual race fan at best and watch the indy five hundred every year and everybody always watched the brick yard four hundred so you know for me I've always race Aaron in underfunded cars where we just didn't have the budget to go execute put herself in a position to win so the pressure is lower the pressure is don't crash don't make the news that's what I've felt over time is that when I come to track for the first time with a chance to win the nerves are a lot higher about the prestige of the people that have won their but for me right now just thinking about the guy you know just getting racer myself and thank you know there's there's a list of maybe I'd say it has to be under under a hundred or around maybe one hundred stockcar guys and then maybe indy indycar guys have raised their but just getting to raise their general is a bucket list item. Yeah there's not too many race car drivers in the world compared to other jobs so that's that's definitely something here in the playoffs so what do you see that you've got circle that you definitely are confident Vegas today yeah yeah and Martinsville for sure and then Net homestead I mean we just this is our our final mile and a half race of the season before homestead differences in them there's definitely a lot that we can take away from here so we're not exactly where we wanna be so biggest thing we'll try to debrief right now since we get done and tried to try to you know as we're talking through for Vegas also talk through what we need at homestead because they do compare just enough that we're learning stuff today's do but we really really good and Marcus Spring and we want to do it again it's not too often. I have a bona fide watermelon expert that I get the chance to talk with how do you pick the right wanted the grocery store because I can never figure it out okay well first of all you just by three and you might you might get a good one then you know your odds are better that's the watermelon farmer in me and from there is just when you look in the band right you're GonNa see an assortment of safe thirty or forty you'd look in you want it to be heavy for its size when you pick it up so just you know they're ninety two percent water you WanNa be heavy the stripes should be symmetrical there shouldn't be any you know going across the Melanie they turn one way or they come together and then go back apart you don't want any you know imperfections in the Ryan Pattern You know give or take a little bit of theirs you know it's a natural fruit so it's going to have its distinct things about it and then you spend that bad boy over and it should be yellow on the bottom not white yellow so Nope I don't put salt on my watermelon so I don't know Yeah I've done all that weighed them I'm like I don't know and I usually get lucky especially in the summer yeah heavy and then yellow if they're white the bottom they're probably not quite ripe yet what's the best season to get them we shipped three sixty five every day of the year we're sending the watermelon somewhere all right his name Ross Zane best of luck this weekend and throughout the playoffs thanks for having me go final lap weekly as back here's your host carry Murphy and Toby Christie just a couple of guys is talking racing CFL W was on you found a place where we talk about all things Nascar Scary Murphy Him Longtime Nascar Media member and syndicated right the host of all things the final lap our coach for the Toby Christie Nascar editor from the final half dot com social media director from all things at the final lap toby my wife is ordering pizza over the phone what I haven't done that in there I didn't realize the pizza places even had phone numbers anyway who she's talking to how that's even done anymore yeah I mean the modern technology I've seen at pizza places you put the order in on the APP they give you a pin number you show the place you see a machine you put in the pin number pizzas spits out well it doesn't spit out you have to put your hands in a flaming hot oven and then Paul best true which is funny because Kramer joked about that like forty years and it seems so ridiculous that's true thing yes but it's most convenient thing ever it is except for when you definitely accidentally do like you know when you're playing operation you barely buzzed the corner it's kind of like that yeah so when you're doing that you're grabbing your pizza youtube stacked up there when you're having a party or something arm hits at little metal on the top it's pretty hot I.

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