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According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune so shout out to them current gold mine runs from Monterey park to downtown LA Union Station them from Pasadena to Glendora mattress opening to have the Pomona extension built by twenty twenty five nine anything for the valley just one bus on everybody else says light rails every other block and the San Fernando Valley home to one point six million people as the Orange Line one bus all we do is pay all of our taxes they go over the hill and everybody gets a high speed rail light rail subways all run elevated subway is elevated rail but we get a bus one bus laying the Orange Line that's it and that's a stop for traffic is no subway it there's no subway eating a day you know they should do they see what they should elevate that bus way at least give us something throws a bone in the valley I don't know what I mean we have nothing yeah all of our tax money goes right over the hill to the three one all the two one three years who have all the money anyway and they spend all of our tax dollars from the valley I'm there at projects and we are just quiet the valley you know we need to in the valley they need to be a really good right I got a week long buildings on fire you know people shooting up in the air nobody getting killed by the big huge riot in order to to tell the city of Los Angeles we've had enough I'm sure yeah doggy you should lead the the right we need more of our tax dollars in the valley the stay in the valley it is highway robbery valley people are getting robbed by the city of Los Angeles and nobody does anything about it I'm the only guy that ever talked about on the radio nobody talks about on TV nobody has a podcast about it nobody does a newspaper article about it nothing I'm the only guy that does it one guy guy what in the valley live on KFI Bender the man accused of killing four people in a stabbing spree in Orange County could face the death penalty prosecutors have charged Zachary Castaneda with four counts of murder one of attempted murder three counts of robbery one count each of aggravated mayhem assault and burglary the charges include a special circumstance allegation of multiple murders which allows prosecutors to seek the death penalty he was supposed to be in court today but refused to come out of his cell so the judge took the hearing to him and when it's when he pleaded not guilty weather in traffic next here's a tender little tale fresh from the trail about a cowboy fell in love with a cow girl named Dale it was love at first sight that's what they said this week something sure went to their heads they walked and talked and shot the breeze held hands and kissed under the trees then the cow girl whispered let's get some food so they rode on to a place that looked good found a Roy Rogers restaurant just round the ban Cavalli said wasn't Royce some kind of legend Calabro said works for me how about you cow boy smiled I like it too folks of Roy said they're happy dues yell sit right down here Buckaroos before too long they were feeling at home cowboys said not better than where the buffalo roam three piece combo is a tasty surprised new chicken tenders soft drinks and fries each big tender was specially chosen the chicken was hand breaded fresh never frozen when they had their fill they said their goodbyes cowboys said we'll be back there's lots more to try folks at Royce said see you soon you too meanwhile happy trails to you door dash is now available at dissipating restaurant it is slowing elision park on the one ten this is on the southbound side there's a reason for it or for these delays the right lane is closed from stadium way to sunset so as people leave Chavez ravine they can just hop onto the freeway easily but traffic is backing up approaching almost from the five freeway the northbound side of the one ten also slowing down from that ten heading back towards the one a one ante in Hollywood you're backing up as well southwest the southbound side from Santa Monica Boulevard all the way towards the one ten freeway no commerce is crowded five southbound leaving the seven ten all the way to the six oh five and it's looking good into the Cajon pass into corona no problems that ninety when eastbound delays on the western side of the ten heading into other west Covina area watch out for delays away from the fifty seven then that opens up a grand sponsored by in and out burger K. F. I. in the sky helps get you there faster I mean Tamara Tina so cal whether from KFI low clouds and fog for the coast overnight sunny and a touch cooler tomorrow warmer Sunday there's no room for compromise and a quality burger.

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