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Jury deliberations before that though each the judges or justices had to write down his or her verdict in the case they were not permitted to talk to each other they then listen to the deliberations and then the jury came down into decided in gave their decision five out of the six judges said had they listened to those jurors they would have come up with us a materially different decision than what they wrote down the end the jurors were just lay people they were regular from the jury panel downtown they had no particular knowledge of the subject matter but that interplay of those people back and forth their common sense davies you just said wow you know that had an effect on five out of the six about that latsamy a who feels the weight of the case and who feels the weight of the potential outcome of the case more the jury or you the lawyer well clearly we the lawyer do of the jersey get to go home uh we have to have we have to go back to the office did eyes of i it's a it's a little bit is a little bit different you know you've you've dealt in civility s you really preached are you amazed at what jerks a bunch of lawyers are out there well he argued you just have to watch the first victim in and movie jurassic park which was a lawyer to understand that that wrap that lawyers have received audience i'm afraid the audience cheered meant he had wrecked adding value in the audience i was in steven spielberg actually nicknamed his mechanical shark in jaws after a lawyer lawyers have gotten a bad rap oftentimes not because some in the profession who think they can further their clients interests act with this courteousness or in a derogatory or frankly a downright offensive fashion oliver wendell holmes once stated lawyers spend a great deal.

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