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A new leesa mattress get deeper rest night don't wait tonight all right so now let's go let's go back in the world a little bit you got to the what's the snowy story you're talking about a minute ago more like a snoring i'm not fucking saying i can't read what story already this fucker exciting fake story it it anisur anisur woman woman whole by a twenty three foot python and the video is terrified jump cut this fucking open who guests she was in this wall apparently they found the snake like fifty yards from her garden where she would bucket missing they had a big fucking human shape thing he was still posted up at the refresh leesa mattress the state coughed up a sandal what do something right here snake put your hand up what are you doing here going on where were you the night about thirteen shoes going to be alive when they cut the snake like he just swallowed her and she went in there with a fucking scuba stink come out her hand does it kills you first by suffocating you to death right wrapping around you and you can't breathe and eventually you die and then it swallow because you couldn't get it done while you're alive right now scary okay that's why the thing is like the video of the dude who was posing for with those python like it just fucking wraps around your body and it fucking squeezes you until you're dead and then if can swallow the big things aren't venomous right correct they just crush you digest kill you in the worst way so worst way about constrictors maybe she was just playing hide and seek you'll never find me in the stomach okay snake i think they're done let me.

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