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Place. Yeah there really is a lot of people here. The name ball as in ball corporation. They might think of aluminum cans. But that's really only one of the operations at the company has Ball corporation of course Based in westminster now they they were based in broomfield but they also own a ball aerospace and technologies corporation which started in boulder in the late nineteen fifties. And this company is as high tech as you can get They just got approval. From nasa to work on a new atmospheric testing instrumentation they worked on the hubble space telescope. The james webb space telescope missions to mars all that sort of thing and they are proposing a pretty major expansion in boulder on their campus in boulder. On off of arapaho avenue They will if this is approved by the city they could go from Almost nine hundred employees in boulder about two thousand in boulder and right now. The company has a hole in boulder broomfield and westminster has about two thousand. And so this would be a major expansion for the company. But it's likely not without controversy. You know any any building projects in boulder are can be controversial and this one likely will be because they will they're proposing Basically three new buildings that would be up to fifty five feet. Which is the absolute maximum in terms of height for buildings in boulder so We'll see how this shakes through in the city process whether the city goes for this If not they have hinted that This this project will help determine their future in boulder so We'll there's a lot to be Seeing in terms of how this progresses through the city and and what the city council says about this to me. I mean wouldn't wouldn't you. You gotta make sacrifices right and in the sacrifice of having a couple more buildings for that. Amount of jobs. Being created locally. I mean i. It seems at least for my vantage point. A no brainer. I think a lot would see it. That way In boulder though More jobs can even more jobs can be controversial. No boulder before the pandemic had about seventy thousand inbound commuters everyday and that level of inbound commuting causes A lot of angst amongst certain quarters because of traffic but also because of what it does to Housing prices housing prices in boulder. The median is up over a million dollars in most months. Now so It has it is not without controversy. They call it the jobs housing imbalance so We'll see how this shakes out. And you know city council. has supported Some some major job creation efforts over over the years they've they've worked with companies like google. Which now has probably more than fifteen hundred employees in boulder but google was controversial as well and the expansion that that they've done so You know if. I had to guess i would think this will probably go through but You just you just never know what the political political climate might bring. I don't think boulder would want to lose ball aerospace. it's really It's being it's been touted as the original startup in boulder so I think that there will be A lot of support for this boulder chamber has come out in favor of it already but there will. I'm certain there will be some opposition to this but we'll just have to see what happens and whether that opposition is Is big enough to actually Curtail this project so chris. Let's play the what if game with me real quick because that's what we do here on the what if a boulder says. Now this isn't going to happen. Has ball mentioned any potential landings pots if they do decide to pull out a boulder well not specifically but they've done a lot of expansion outside of boulder already of all aerospace Just did an expansion at their broomfield. Location the ball corporation parent company was headquartered in broomfield but has been building and has moved to a new four building complex in westminster so they absolutely have other options but but they put a lot of money into this campus. This is a very large campus Right right in the heart of boulder. As i say on on arapahoe avenue just east of the hospital on foothills. It's been there since the nineteen fifties. The city has been supportive of their efforts in the past to to do various expansions. This one has kind of the the added element of of going up to the maximum height limit which requires city approval but also the jobs it will bring in and and there there will be a opposition to it for especially for the the jobs But but i think that they were will also be a lot of support for it As i say this is regarded as the the original startup in boulder. And i think that there will be substantial support for it but they they certainly do have options talking with. Chris would editor and publisher of biz. West magazine that type of expansion always great to hear about two with everything that just happened with twenty twenty and covert and all these businesses. Take a hit speaking of that chris. There's some grant programs that their deadlines for that money coming up quickly. Absolutely and in some cases deadlines have passed. There are a lot of different grant programs out there and a lot of them that are still open are really tailored to benefit the rest of the stores the stores and restaurants and small businesses that have been most affected by the covid pandemic and resulting shutdowns so Just as an example well county Out of its own. Money has created a service industry relief fund. This is designed for restaurants bars gyms fitness centres event than us Places of that type and they have just extended the deadline for applications february twenty eighth so that is a very Very important one. So if you're if if you are in those areas if you're If you have a restaurant or a bar or gym or any of a number of different types of facilities and you've been affected which you likely have you need to be out there exploring and finding these programs so The for the well program. A great resource is weld. Recovery dot com. And from there you can go on and and submit your application for the service industry relief fund that's weld recovery dot com. There's another website Noko recovers dot com. The has a very good outline of programs throughout throughout northern colorado. And there's there's one that. I want to be sure and mentioned and it is the really small business relief program and this is one. That's using money provided by the state by the general assembly and this has a very imminent deadline of february fifteenth. I just reconfirmed. This deadline This morning they are. They have been attempting to get an extension to that but right now. The deadline is february. Fifteenth and this is also targeted toward Those those businesses that i mentioned restaurants bars breweries That sort of thing and I know they still have money left But if you're if you're in that space you need to be looking at these These deadlines that that website is greeley area recovery fund dot com. I believe the bullet. The greeley chamber is administering This program In broomfield they were able to get an extension. Their extension for a similar program is is fifteen but in greeley as of about ten minutes ago. That deadline is still february fifteenth. So there are there are still millions of dollars out there that Businesses can try to get grants. These are grants So i would encourage anyone that has been affected to really go to the sites that i mentioned really area recovery fund dot com a noko recovers dot.

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