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Time eight forty one geologists across the state are studying the recent earthquakes in ridgecrest as KCBS is Margie Shafer reports from Moffett field lessons from the quake's notably that seven point one earthquake that hit last Friday can be applied to the bay area the quake in ridgecrest was the largest earthquake to hit California in twenty years as director of the earthquake Science Center at the U. S. G. S. Steve Hickman this is a big rupture it was about twenty five kilometers long and it broke the surface when they break the surface that gives us a chance to test our models how much to the fall really slip our models correct and they turn out there very close which is good news most of the effects of the earthquake and the rupture were on the naval air weapons station at China lake and the base has provided access escorts and information to help geologists do their work our also putting out seismometers near the rapture and geodetic things GPS receivers they'll tell us how the ground move during the earthquake those measurements can show how earthquakes can affect things like pipelines aqueducts roads and bridges in the coming weeks the USGS begins its move from Menlo Park to Moffett field but there will be no interruptions earthquake monitoring in northern California leaving the seismic networks and field equipment behind in Menlo Park and so we can replicate those facilities here at Moffett field once it's been replicated which could take up to three years turn it on here in Moffett field and then turn it off in Menlo Park Hickman says model show there's a thirty three percent chance in the next thirty years of a magnitude six point seven quake or greater on the Hayward fault which runs through many cities in the East Bay and a seventy two percent chance of an earthquake of that size somewhere in the bay area in the next thirty years we know these earthquakes are inevitable so people need to be prepared at Moffett field Margie Shafer KCBS holy guacamole avocado prices are on the way up one analyst says the if it the highest price for this time of year in at least a decade handle with care make sure you get the one that's not over write them in these things are expensive yeah this is at the wholesale level more than double what they were a year ago the USDA says the average national retail price of a single Hass avocado is now above two dollars to what's going on here a lot of people are thinking oh boy must be a terror of thing it's not it's really just basic econ one a one supply and demand the California season winding down the Mexican avocados season just starting to ramp up three or four weeks away from people adduction there and big part of it is people are just eating more of the condos used to be more of a seasonal thing for these days everybody eats avocados all the time federal scientists are saying there you that they think that there will be will be higher than normal rates this.

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