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Congress spent years fighting with the White House over whether they could force former White House counsel Don McGahn to testify about his role related to the Mueller investigation. And then finally, with Biden, an office there was a deal that avoided a high stakes confrontation in the courts about when and how exactly, you could make. The White House counsel testified to Congress and the deal said that again would testify. But it only testify about the Mueller report about how the White House handled the Mueller report. And so you couldn't have what members of Congress love where it's just, you know, free, willing thing where they get to ask about whatever they feel like asking about, Uh, McGann's testimony also was not televised. They did it in a closed session. Then they released a transcript afterward. And frankly, the transcript is kind of boring, right? It is And I wouldn't say we really learned anything new. I'd say it more. We sort of had soft confirmation of lots of stuff that we suspect it was going on. That doesn't really move the ball beyond where it already is. This The revelations about what Trump was trying to do how he was interested in getting Mueller fired and how he was, you know, threatening to some extent there might be consequences of people didn't go along with that. We're all things we've heard before and believed to be true. What McGann did here is what attorneys try to get their clients to do in testimony right, which is that he was disciplined. He didn't answer questions. You didn't have to answer. If things were a while ago, he would say My memory's not crisp and declined to answer a lot of things. He was good about not answering questions that weren't asked. It's sort of the you want your testimony in in a lot of cases to be as as narrow as possible. Give give no more than you absolutely have to. It seemed like he was he was putting that into practice, right? Yeah, exactly. He was very careful. And he had he was occasionally I would characterize him as slightly cute when they asked him about particular statements attributed to Trump and he said, you know, well, the The text speaks for itself or that sort of thing, which was sort of a soft way of admitting that Trump said something like that without really committing himself. One more note. Before we take our break in two weeks, Ken and I are going to record another special episode where we spend most of the show answering your questions. So in the next week, please send us your questions. And unlike Don McGahn, we're not going to limit the topics that you can ask us about. So you can ask pretty much anything lingering legal issues from the Trump administration, ongoing legal issues for the trumps and the main characters on the show. The Biden administration long suffering federal judges, Anything that's on your mind as always, we're accepting questions on Twitter. Just tag L R C K C R W You can also send questions through our website at kcrw dot com slash a TPL Or you can email a voice memo to our producer so that we can have your voice on the show. That's Sara Faye and her email address.

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